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Hi, I’m Michael, founder of Look Good Naked Co. – a personalised Online Self Development Experience.

We use fitness as a tool to optimise our clients. The end goal isn’t to be fit, it’s to be better. Feel better, move better & look better. Looking great & feeling great is simply a byproduct of this. This isn’t about fitness. This is about self-optimisation. This is about Becoming Better.

Our aim it to take the confusion out of the fitness & heath industry. In doing so, we motivate people to make positive changes within their lives in the pursuit of continual improvement, 1% at a time.

Don’t just follow, be coached

All effective training & nutrition plans have one key component in common: Individualisation.

At Look Good Naked Co. we tailor the plan to suit you. Your specific needs, your specific wants & your specific lifestyle. Then, we coach you 1:1 on implementing it.

Don’t think of Look Good Naked Co. as just training solutions, think of us as your personal growth team. You wouldn’t trust a generic PDF financial plan for your retirement, or a D.I.Y Home surgery kit for your injuries, so why just follow a one-size-fits-all PDF for your health & fitness?

Weekly check-ins are included in all online coaching packages to ensure you get the 1:1 guidance you need.

Hire us to motivate, encourage & support your personal growth.

Sports & Performance Nutrition

Again, there are no one-size-fits-all approaches at Look Good Naked Co – that includes your diet. Instead, we calculate your daily energy requirements and tailor a meal plan to suit your needs. Once the plan is in place, we then provide you with recipe packs, meal planning ideas & all the necessaries to execute the plan. (Except the food, you’ll have to do that.)

Looking to gain a performance edge? Great, we’ve got you covered. Our coaching staff are qualified by world leaders in the field of Sports & Performance Nutrition, whatever the occasion, we can make a nutritional plan to suit.

On top, we provide you with the information & resources to make your own meals plans that suit your life & your goals. The number 1 factor in dietary success is adherence so we make our nutritional plan as easy to follow as possible. We rock at our business, so you can rock at yours.

Exercise Programming for YOU.

Have we not discussed this enough? This is a personal online coaching platform individualised to you, your lifestyle, your goals & your capabilities. 

When working toward a specific goal, exercise plans are much like maps – you’d want to be following the right one. We offer programming to a variety of experience levels from the first time exerciser, >1 year experience all the way to 5 years + in either a gym or at home setting.

Our coaches are on board to ensure the plan is working for you. If you require any changes throughout the program, something isn’t feeling right or you just have general questions we are never more than a message away.

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6 Priorities for Weight Loss Nutrition

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