Strength Club is a group training program that combines evidence-based strength training principles, practices and progression techniques with social accountability, support and motivation to create the most comprehensive strength training program possible.

Strength Club programs are run on 12-week cycles, broken into 3 x 4-week phases. Within each phase all movement progressions, weights and reps are pre-planned (based on your current strength & goal outcome), meaning you’ll never have to guess what weights to use or how many reps to complete. Strength Club takes the guesswork out of strength training. You will know exactly what to lift, and when to lift it, before you even walk into the gym.

The goal of Strength Club is clear; To bring a like-minded group of individuals together to help and support each others strength development, while taking the guesswork out of becoming stronger.

Why a Strength Club?

At Look Good Naked Co., we use goals to inspire, motivate and drive our people toward better outcomes. We believe that ‘performance based’ goals are generally better in terms of driving long term success than ‘aesthetic based’ goals, for a few key reasons:

  1. The goal outcome is what you can DO, not what you can look like. Generally, this is a far better focus for mental health and one’s relationship to exercise & nutrition.
  2. Body composition change takes time, more than most of us are willing to wait for. Having strength targets to reach weekly results in more consistent progress, leading to more motivation. More motivation leads to more action which leads to more results, and the upward spiral continues.
  3. Strength is a skill that results in higher General Physical Preparedness, a higher resistance to injury. This is a skill set that will enhance your health & longevity for years to come. Strength is a skill, being ‘thin’ or ‘skinny’ is not. Strength IS Sexy.

What is included in Strength Club?

Once you sign up for the Look Good Naked Co. Strength Club, you gain access to a huge pool of resources that are designed to get you lifting more in as little time as possible. Due to the extensive planning that has gone into the creation of this system, Strength club offers unparalleled value for money through frequency of session and quality of programming. See the below information as to what is included in each level.

  • /week
  • Includes:
  • – 2 x 1h Group PT Sessions
  • – Strength Training Programming (up to 3 sessions/week)
  • – Access to Look Good Naked Co. training app
  • – General Sports Nutrition Guidance
  • – Group support & accountability
  • – Group strength testing every 12 weeks
  • /week
  • Includes:
  • – 3 x 1h Group PT Sessions
  • – Strength Training Programming (up to 4 sessions/week)
  • – Access to Look Good Naked Co. training app
  • – Sports nutrition guidance + recipe packs
  • – Group support & accountability
  • – Group strength testing every 12 weeks
  • /week
  • Includes:
  • – 4 x 1h Group PT Sessions
  • – Strength Training Programming (up to 5 sessions/week)r
  • – Access to Look Good Naked Co. training app
  • – Full nutritional programming (calories & macro plans)
  • – Recipe Packs
  • – Group support, accountability & motivation
  • – Group strength testing every 12 weeks

Ok, I’m keen. How do I get involved?

Getting involved with Strength Club is easy. Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Fill out the contact form below to determine which LVL of strength club you are eligible for.
  2. Have a 15 minute phone consultation with Michael to discuss the finer details.
  3. Have a initial consultation with Michael @ Revo Fitness Joondalup for a movement & strength assessment.
  4. Start the very next Strength Club meeting.
  5. Start chipping away at the process of becoming the strongest version of you – no time to waste.
Strength Club Enquiry

How it Works

Our powerful app allows us to seamlessly deliver meal plans, training plans & goal sets straight to your phone. Once loaded, you will be able to track your workout details, body stats & more with all data being saved securely for future progress tracking. Nice, huh?

We back our offerings

Not to boast, but we are so confident in our online coaching systems that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase after 30 days, just let us know and we will refund you 100% of what you have paid. No funny business, no hoops to jump through – just guaranteed satisfaction.

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