Premium Online Coaching (Monthly Subscription)


This package includes everything in the Standard Package with more frequent program updates, a higher level of 1:1 coaching with your dedicated coach and more plan customisation. This is perfect for anyone requiring more support to either kickstart their fitness journey, advance their training methods or chase sports specific performance increase (athletic development). This plan includes custom periodised program updates (training & nutrition plans) every 4-6 weeks & weekly phone check-ins with your coach to keep you accountable.

You will also receive recipe packs that include meal plans & have access to the Look Good Naked Co. training app. Within the Look Good Naked Co. app is instructional videos explaining all exercising prescribed & a messaging platform to talk directly to your coach.

Limited spots available, application necessary.


The Look Good Naked Co. premium package is the next step in detail up from the basic package for those who are looking for specific athletic outcomes. Perfectly suited to anyone who wants more specificity, more 1:1 support & more frequent exercise/nutrition program updates, this package is perfect for anyone wanting to:

  • Kickstart a fitness journey with a high level of support & accountability
  • Shed unwanted body weight & keep it off
  • Gain muscular size & definition
  • Increase physical performance (athletic development)
  • Have periodised exercise & nutritional plans to suit desired outcomes
  • Get professional, structured exercise & nutrition plans based on scientific evidence.

Included in the Premium package is:

  • Weekly check-in phone calls with structured check-in/compliance forms
  • Periodised exercise programming (4-week blocks)
  • Periodised nutritional programming (calorie/macro plans in 4-week blocks)
  • Pre/during/post-training or event nutritional strategy
  • Recipe packs to suit nutritional needs
  • Live plan updates & alterations
  • Access to training tracking app

The premium coaching program has a minimum sign-on of three months, $300AUD a month. After the minimum sign-on period, charges will continue as normal unless you cancel the subscription (2 weeks notice required). To find out more about the premium online coaching package, fill out the contact form below and include details about what you hope to achieve with online coaching.


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