Strength Club

Strength Club.

Strength Club is the premier offering of the Look Good Naked Co. brand. It brings advanced strength training progression principles together with group support, motivation & accountability to create the most effective strength training program possible. If your goal is to gain strength and a social group to keep you consistent, look no further; you’re home right here.



Welcome to Strength Club, Look Good Naked Co. premier offering. Strength Club is a group based strength training program that brings scientific strength progression methods, social accountability and motivation together to form the most effective strength training program possible. Whether your goal is to learn how to perform foundational strength training movements correctly & safely, to bust through plateaus and continually develop your strength or just to surround yourself with like-minded, support individuals – you’re home right here.

Strength club is divided into three levels of intensity, frequency and difficulty.

LVL 1 – 2 sessions/week (Entry level)
Lvl 1 is for those who are relatively new to strength training. Here, we teach the fundamentals of strength training movements, how to progress effectively and how to ‘be strong’. The two sessions per week are based on full-body workouts and you are guaranteed to break any previous PBs in your first 12 weeks. Lvl 1 is recommended for anyone who has <1 year of strength training.

LVL 2 – 3 sessions/week (application required)
Lvl 2 takes the foundational movements that have been learnt through lvl 1 and turns up the intensity, frequency and volume dials. If you have <2 years of strength training experience, it is recommended to do a lvl 1 block prior to starting lvl 2. Lvl 2 introduces some Olympic lifting whilst maintaining a strong focus on traditional strength training techniques.

LVL 3 – 4 sessions/week (application required)
Lvl 3 is the pinnacle of Strength Training with Look Good Naked Co. Not for the faint of heart, this program is only recommended to those who have >3 years of strength training experience. This program involves strength training with advanced progression techniques, a continuation of Olympic lifting techniques from LVL 2 and full nutritional programming to support strength development.

All levels have the chance to test their strength development every 12 weeks, with 1 – 3 rep maximum testing on the big three, Squat, Bench and Deadlift.

For more information on Strength Club and FAQs, please visit the Strength Club page in the top menu of this website. To find out which strength club you should apply for, fill out the contact form below.


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