The Happy Monday Mindset #11

What is Personal Training actually about?

Had an interesting chat with a bloke, ‘Jake’, recently – that challenged my view on what it is that I’m actually offering through my personal training & sports nutrition services.

Probably should have had a handle on this – but hey, I’m a dickhead 🙂

Jake asked me about what I do in a way I haven’t been asked before, eliciting a response I’ve never given before.

He asks me, ‘Micko, what is PT actually about? Like, I don’t want to get big. To be honest, I don’t even want to get into better shape. I’m happy where I am – but I’m curious about this whole exercising phenom.’




You’re making my brain hurt.

I’ve said this to so many people in my life – I feel like I’m just constantly shouting this shit out. I seriously don’t know where the confusion is anymore – and I’m at a point where I dont think I could be any clearer.

Exercising regularly is so much more than body compositional changes. It’s so much more than building muscle, developing strength or even losing weight.

BUT – for the complete arguments sake – let’s chat, Jake.

Within regular exercise communities you will find:

  • LOWER rates of Cardiovascular disease
  • LOWER rates of health concerns
  • LOWER rates of depression
  • LOWER rates of Anxiety
  • LOWER rates of stress
  • HIGHER Self esteem
  • HIGHER levels of confidence
  • HIGHER average energy levels
  • BETTER sleep
  • BETTER sex

That all sounds good, and we’ve all heard it before – but regular exercise is more than this, still.

Working out will make you a better human being.  How you operate will improve. You will be optimized. Fuck seriously, YOU WILL BE BETTER.

‘Fucking, alright Michael – settle down,mate. Everyone is as good as each other. Not everyone needs to workout to operate at their best.’


  1. No – they aren’t.
  2. Yes – they do.

Working out regularly will optimise you.

Physically, you WILL operate better.

You will move better.

You will sleep better.

You will recover better.

You will feel better.

You will find it easier to get up in the morning.

Your heart will operate better.

Your lunges will operate better.

Mentally you WILL operate Better.

You will feel better about yourself.

You will stress less.

You will give yourself space to let your frustrations out.

You will feel more energised.

Spiritually you will feel better.

‘Oooooooook Michael – wtf is this shit’

No, eat shit, seriously. Working out is more than exercising & sweating your balls off to burn calories.

Regular exercise will help you feel BALANCED. And, if you use to correctly, can be used to create a mindfulness practice – with parallels that you could draw from meditation.

WIth regular exercise you operate better physically, mentally & spiritually.

I am literally telling you that if you do this you will optimise yourself & your life.

How could this be anymore important to literally anyone?!

You will be better.

You will be on this earth LONGER and will operate FASTER, MORE EFFICIENTLY & BE HAPPIER.

What the fuck – I honestly do no know how people are not doing this. What the actual shit.

I am telling you this, free of charge.

I am the second coming of Jesus.

Do you need to come and see me in person 3 x a week for this ($$$)?


Do you need to do something for this to happen?


Start by walking more. Fucking, just walk places – I am literally begging you.

If you can, leave your phone at home. Just go outside and notice your surroundings.

If you’re serious about making changes in your life that will help optimize you – give me a return email. It’s not hard. This is a practice that will make you better. How can you not invest your time into this? It will give you the most important returns you could ask for.

Investing in your health – long term – will optimize you so that you may be the best version of yourself possible.

I don’t know if I can be any clearer – or how to get this message out any better. I don’t know how this could be any more important to each and every individual on this earth.

Aim to improve yourself today, so that you may achieve more tomorrow.

“Something I’ve always told my new training clients: ‘You are the world’s foremost expert on you. Training isn’t something I do to you, it’s something I do with you and for you. The more feedback you give me, the more I can help you.'”     

4. Find your 1% uniqueness factor – Jonathan Goodman

Consumers’ decisions are largely irrational.

They don’t buy something because of its merit. They buy because others are doing it, or because you gave them a compelling way to justify their purchase.

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