The Happy Monday Mindset #12

Self-Sabotage, Sub Maximal Effort, Reprogramming & Sex.

Howdy (Cowboy emoji) & Happy Monday ya bloody animals.

I got a shittonne of replies to the last email. Some were nice, some heartfelt – and one from a chick named ‘Jess’.

‘Hi Michael,

Your emails are too long.’

Thanks Jess, but jog the fuck on. I write these for your benefit. I volunteer my time and efforts – writing messages that contain fucking gold nuggets left, right and center about how you can improve your LIFE – but it’s too long. 

Such low energy.

I love the replies I get from these emails. Honestly, any sort of story about how any of the practices I talk about have changed your daily habits for the better makes my mother flipping day. It seriously does.

I welcome constructive feedback that you may have.

I take on sincere words from you all – good and bad.

But I will not take on shit ‘feedback’ from people who don’t really want to put the effort in.

I will not take on your negative BS.

Hater blocker mode: engaged.

Recently, I have been hearing a lot of people say to me ‘I just need to get out of my own way’. I have heard this from weight loss, muscle gain, sport specific & no sport/goal specific clients.

It’s easy to say. It makes sense to most people.

I see it as a fucking giant, broad statement that adds no value to what you’re trying to achieve. I ean, it doesnt  even help you to identify what it is you need to get yourself out of the way of.

Really, it’s a shit thing to say. A HUGE cop out.

If you say this – it means you know that you’re operating at sub maximal effort.

It means you know that you’re not operating at your peak. It means you know you should do something different, to help yourself operate better. It means you probably even know what you SHOULD do to help yourself.

Essentially –

‘I just need to get out of my own way’

translates to

‘I’m self-sabotaging and I can’t be fucked to find out how to stop it’.

Such low energy.

It is admitting to not living to your best – but offers not one single iota of information about your habits that may inspire you to change them.

My problem with statements like this one is that it has no defining features that will actually help you identify & cut out the self-sabotaging behavior. It’s extremely broadly admitting to all the shite-house lifestyle choices you make currently, and not going deep enough on any of them to even remotely think of a way to curve that behavior.

If this is you (reading this email, rn)


‘I just need to get out of my own way’ = ‘Oh yeah, like, I know i eat like trash, train less frequently than Donald Trump & make no effort to stick to a sleep schedule but haha oh well what do you do lol yolo’



Admitting to a lifestyle choice that currently isn’t serving you to your best can be a great thing – but you need to actually take the time to consider it, the negative effects of it & make a plan of how you’re going to change it.

I am going to challenge you (right here, right now) to start identifying habits you may have in your life that are limiting your performance, fucking do something about them. Please.

If you’re tired, prioritize getting more sleep.

If you want to lose weight, prioritize meal prep & sticking to your calories over easy and convenience.

If you want to put on more muscle mass, prioritize meal prep & sticking to your calories + training your damn heart out over excess consumption of shit that will hold you back (fast foods & alcohol).

None of it is as easy as convenience is.

None of it is as simple as being below average is.

If you want to live your best life – and be as optimized as you can be – it takes effort to get there. You will struggle – but all life is, is learning to struggle well (bloody quote of the century right there).

A big part of this process will be reprogramming the way you think and talk about the things you want to accomplish. How much you struggle to achieve anything is mostly your perception of the task at hand – change your focus on what it is you’re doing!

‘I need to get control of my fucking diet’

(negative, out of control)

Reprogrammed is,

‘I have the opportunity to feel better about my diet and myself by eating food that fuels me, not hinder me’

(opportunity to do something of direct benefit to you, positive)

‘I need to get back into training’

(need to start again, negative)

Reprogrammed is,

‘I have the opportunity to make myself fitter, stronger & physically better.”

(opportunity to do something of direct benefit to you, positive)

‘I hate my job’

(my life sucks wah, negative)

Reprogrammed is,

‘I have the opportunity to find myself a job/career that fulfills my ambitions better’

(opportunity to do something of direct benefit to you, positive)

You picking up what I’m putting down?

Getting out of your own way is avoiding self-sabotage. The best way to avoid self-sabotage is by doing the things you know you should do, when you should do them.

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