The Happy Monday Mindset #13

Burnouts & tights.

Happy freaking Monday everyone!

This last week nearly broke me my lord.

So much so that today I have taken my first ever Mental health day. My mental health is fine – because I take a very proactive & protective approach to it, like today. This is not to say that I won’t be doing anything today – I have a shittonne of crap to do, but now I have given myself the opportunity to feel on top of it.

My living arrangement is tidy.

Meal prep is done.

Shopping for the week has been completed.

Programs are being written.

Might have a nap after gym.

Fucking yes.

Feeling much more on top of it now – burned out harder than your shitty little cousins first car.

I’ve been pumping it lately – I literally have worked every day for over 8 weeks straight. That’s two months without a day off. Two months without Netflix & chill. Two months without a goddamn day to just peacefully sit and do sweet fuck all.

This is pretty usual for me though – I have a very active brain and cannot sit still for the life of me (self-diagnosed ADHD, although my parents won’t admit it), but lately has been crazy.

Normally, it’s not too much of an issue. I have created my work life and have chosen to pursue what I seriouslylove. Self-development & the pursuit of self-betterment – this shit lights me on firrreeeeeee. I love what I do, and it makes working seem like – not working.

Pretty fucking cool.

Obviously, like with everything, there are things I prefer doing, and things I don’t like (lol @ tax time).

My second job is at a supplement store 2 minutes away from where I live. I have done the same Sunday shift 10am – 4pm here for years. The pay is ok, the discount is unreal & I get to help people who genuinely have no clue about where to start diet/exercise/supplementation wise.

It’s always been pretty chill.

I used to like it, because I was left alone for the majority of the time. I wasn’t managed. I wasn’t told off for not selling enough of some products. I wasn’t told off for giving real advice instead of the usual gym bro shit you hear:

‘Yeah BroOOOooo, BCAAs are 100% not a waste of money – you should probably take 3 scoops a day’

Fuck off mate, the science is crystal clear – get enough protein in and BCAAs are literally useless. (link to study)

However, I recently got talked to about my sales. I was asked to push certain products over others. Certain products that don’t have any scientific literature backing their efficacy over others.

Pretty standard retail procedure these days, I’m surprised it took so long to be honest.

This challenged my morals. I’m not here to sell magic powders. I use methods that have evidence behind them.

No bro science.

No sudeo science.

No anecdotal shite.

So, I quit 🙂

I am here to spread information that, when applied as directed, will help people’s lives. I will not sell, endorse or push shit that doesn’t have some sort of backing.

Misinformation harms people. (Norton, L 2019)

So, if you’re going down to your local supp store to see old mate ‘Chad’ (looks like his on his 4th scoop of pre-workout, veins popping, eyes bulging & calves tiny) and you get recommended a product – please, ask;

‘Ok, are there any studies that show this? I’d love to hear more about the mechanisms behind (insert shit chat claim here)’

My guess is all you’ll hear in return is stuttering dribble. No need to be rude to poor old ‘Chad’ – but if they cannot explain to you HOW this magic powder works, you shouldn’t be putting it in your body.

The shit truth is, supplementation should be the last thing you look at to increase your training capacity & body composition adaptation. Literally the last thing.

It is the last piece of the puzzle – see the below image from Eric Helms, PHD.

I get it.I really do! 

I addressed this in a previous email – I used to take EVERY fucking supplement available to maximize my #gainzzzzz brooooooooooo.

I get it, it’s convenient.

It’s more convenient than getting to the gym.

It’s more convenient than tracking your calories.

It’s more convenient than doing the meal prep.

It’s more convenient than calculating if you’re in a calorie deficit/surplus.

It’s more convenient than doing the fuckingwork.

But, any single one of the above will have 1000x the impact on your progress than shitty supplementation will.

Supplements won’t bring you muscle gain.

Supplements won’t bring you fat loss.

The shit answer is, the way to change your body composition, your outlook on life, your confidence – YOUR LIFE – is not sexy. It’s the steps I outlined above. It’s not easy & there are no shortcuts.

Talk to my client Sam who is down 10kg from working hard each and every week.

Ask my man Andy who is down body fat & up a shit load of muscle mass from working hard each and every week.

Talk to Jack – an absolute weapon – who makes his workouts his priority.

It’s not easy, it’s not convenient. But it’s so fucking good.

It’s more convenient than being overweight & miserable.

It’s more convenient than Self hate.

It’s more convenient than Having shit mobility.

It’s more convenient than Not being able to play with your kids.

It’s more convenient than Constant health concerns.

It’s more convenient than Not being able to fit clothes.

It’s more convenient than knowing you could be more.

As much as I encourage you all to take time off work when you’re mental health comes into question – I also encourage you all to take a proactive approach to your general health – thinking long term.

If you continue on the path you’re on right now – what will your movement capability be like in 20 years? Because that shit will matter, and you can do a lot – now – to ensure it will be great.

Anyway – this is my mental health day and a haircut, meal prep, gym & naps are calling me.

Also, I have discovered the goodness of wearing tights. Holy shit this is ridiculous. Comfortable, practical & allows all the movement you could possibly need plus, makes my legs look slightly bigger. What more could a man ask for.

Wishing you all a wonderfully weird & overtly positive week.

Michael x

Protector of his mental health.

Below I have created a little guide to popular supplements & my thoughts of them.

BCAAs – only work if you aren’t getting enough protein in a day. Focus on getting your protein in & save your money.

Fat Burners – fucking what the shit. These do not burn fat. Increasing your calorie output/decreasing your calorie input will burn fat. Instead of spending $80 a tub on this, invest that money into me writing you a program. These are mostly just loaded with caffeine to get your heart racing and your palms sweaty (moms spaghetti). Don’t waste your money.

Pre-workouts – When used effectively, can be hugely beneficial to a workout & there is plenty of literature to back this up. Do not become reliant on them. Do not use them after 2pm, it will interrupt your sleep.

‘But Michael, I can have a coffee and go straight to sleep.’ Shut up. If you’re banging down a coffee and going straight to sleep – you’re fatigued as fuck. Chances are you’re also not getting into deep REM sleep (restorative sleep cycle) and will wake up still fatigued. Plain and simple.

Do not use caffeine to mask fatigue. If you are fatigued, sleep more.

Creatine – Amazing for those looking to add muscle mass & strength. Beware, you will put on a lot of water weight – these are not real gains. Looks good though 😉

Protein – Hugely beneficial for anyone engaging in resistance training/regular activity. You should aim to eat 1.5g – 2g of Protein per kg of Body weight a day. (100kg person should aim for 150g – 200g). Protein powders are very popular due to how convenient & tasty they are, however, you should not rely on them as your sole protein source – gotta eat it too.

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