The Happy Monday Mindset #17

Coffee Gratitude & choices.

Yo yo yooooooo, a Happy Monday to you 🙂

It’s been a hell of a week getting back into the groove of things. Fucking grateful to have Australian coffee again (Greek coffee is dog balls).

Jet lag nearly ended me. Had some good 1am – 4am work sessions though. Grateful for coffee, again.

Catching up with my mates nearly ended me (‘I’m never drinking again’ – me, 24h ago. What a LIAR). Also grateful for coffee here too.

Finally sitting down and having a conversation with myself about my body composition after 5 weeks of abuse – this chat was coming to me.

It’s not that bad really. I’m sitting at about 88-89kg, about 3-4kg up from when I left on holidays. I’m carrying the extra weight ok, but I can tell I have lost muscle mass & gained a bit of fat.

This is the price I pay for eating & drinking my way through Europe.

I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

The conversation went a little something like this:

  • Look in mirror
  • Offt, Micky boy – come on now. That’s enough fun time now, time to get back into it. I need you to pull those socks up.
  • Yep, that’s fair – let the calorie deficit begin.

That’s it.

No self-deprecation.

No getting upset about it.

No blaming external events.

No ignoring the obvious truth of it all.

Just a bit of honesty and willingness to change.

The truth being, I had an amazing time on holidays. I didn’t even attempt to count my calories. I hit my steps every day, and managed to work out twice weekly. As expected with such behaviours,I have put on fat and currently am not in the best shape I could be/where I am aiming to be.

It’s all good. The world continues to spin.

This is the relationship I want to teach everyone who works with me. This is how it should be! What’s the point of being ‘good’ majority of the time, if you can’t blow out while on holiday?! How ridiculous.

This is how you build this into a lifestyle.

My fat % does not change how good of a PT I am.

It doesn’t change how ‘good’ of a person I am.

It doesn’t change how I regard myself as an individual.

So, now I have admitted to where I’m at – I can generate a plan on how to get out of it.

Calorie deficit begins today, new training block begins today – time to reverse out of this composition and work my way into a new one.

I’ll be working my way down to about 85kg (a very comfortable weight for me while boxing) and then reassessing what I’d like to do next.

I have decided to actually get off my ass and use Instagram to document the process for you all to witness. Take notes and watch me change.

Admit where you’re at right now.

Create a plan/employ someone to create a plan to change it.

Stick to the plan long enough to see results.

Baddabing baddaboom. Magic (not magic).

Every plan will work given enough time  – what plan are you currently using? If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to see no results, and I can guarantee you’ll see them. 

I caught up with an old, ex-client (who is now back as an online client) today – had a chat that made me smile.

He is on the move a lot right now for work. He says to me, ‘I wasn’t going to buy a gym membership, as I’m only in this town for a few weeks, and I didn’t think it would be worth it. But then I compared the cost of the weekly membership to what else I would happily spend that amount of money on.

Fucking takeout.

I was justifying myself that price for a SINGLE MEAL, over a week’s membership to a gym.

When I realised this, I was like nuh uh. There is no way in the world I’m spending that on that, and not spending it on a gym membership.

I have now happily paid the gym membership so I have somewhere to workout.’

Think about that for a second.

Zac is happy to spend $25 on takeout. A one off purchase that may or may not help him get to his physique goals (not denying that it is probably a great purchase for his soul #gimmiethaitakeaway)

Zac wasn’t prepared to spend $25 a week on a gym membership that would allow him as many visits as he wants, will help him reach his goals (if used), and adds VALUE to the quality of his life.

All Zac did was have a look at the situation for what it is, and re-prioritised his relationship with paying for a gym membership to one of higher importance. I very much doubt Zac will stop getting takeaway, and in all seriousness – he doesn’t need too.

Seems like an obvious choice- but I was glad to hear his experience so I could share it with you in the hopes it makes you reconsider your own choices.

NOW -I have a choice for you.

I want you to join my 12 week LEANER STRONGER program, starting 1st of September.

This is not a challenge.

This is a program, aiming to kick start the shit out of you, towards your goals.

What you will get:

  • 1 x 45m in person PT session
  • 1 x small group training session
  • 24h support from me (worth my weight in bloody GOLD)
  • Access to exclusive HPC training platform & video library
  • Fully Personalized Exercise Programming for the 12 weeks
  • Full Nutritional Programming & meal ideas to suit your goals
  • In Body composition scans, start & end of the 12 weeks.
  • End of challenge party!

Enrolment starts TODAY.

Enrolment will close soon.

Please do not miss this, it’s outstanding value for what it is.

Your choice is:

  1. Follow along online for $40/week
  2. Bring it big in person for $80/week

Consider what you currently spend silly money on, and redirect the spending into something that will improve your relationship with training, nutrition, healthy life habits.

So, I will hold you to the same standard of conversation I had with myself.

Cmon, bro/bro-ette, pull those socks up a bit higher.

Michael x

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