The Happy Monday Mindset #18

Principles & Pleasure. 

Happy Monday beautiful people!

This weekend marked my first weekend back into dieting, tracking calories & following a consistent training program.

I have been training & eating ok, but it hasn’t been 100% and I have felt it. I have been living outside of my values & principles, and that shit has started to wear me down.

It got to the point recently where I sat down & nearly cried. ‘What are you doing with your life, Michael?’

The sob story isn’t for any other reason but to share with you all – we all have shit going on, we all have our own struggles. We all have down days, weeks, months (maybe even years).

However, it’s not what we have done thus far that defines us, how we get up and move forward is what defines us.

‘You only ever have to get up one more time than you fall down.’ – Naess, M 2019.

So, after the little pity party I threw myself for myself, I decided I didn’t want to feel this way anymore. Because who the fuck does, right? 

I got up & I made a plan. I wrote myself a diet. I marked on my calendar when I would go to the gym. I shopped & meal prepped.

And now, I’m back on track &. I feel great. I feel focused and I am in control.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who reads these things. I had some lovely feedback last week about some differences people have made in their lives due to reading my ramblings.

I also got asked why I write these emails. ‘Do you make any money out of them?’

No. I don’t make diddly squat from these emails.

I write them because I love having the opportunity to add value to people days. Even if it’s just a cheap laugh, adding some sort of positivity to someone else’s day is inherently a good thing.

So, if I can do that for you – fuck yeah, I bloody love you.

If you don’t enjoy reading these, or don’t feel like there is any value here, then (with all due respect) jog on. No offence meant, no harm done and no skin off my back.

The PRINCIPLE of it is why I do it.

Supposedly, one of the defining factors that shows how mature someone is comes down to their decision making processes.

A child (or an adult who never matured – we all know these Muppets) will only seek pleasure for the sake of pleasure. Young children (or immature Muppets) are like little dictators – think Joffrey Baratheon.

The cannot conceive anything past what will bring them immediate pleasure & lack the empathy to make decisions that will satisfy more than just their own pleasure.

Children’s thought patterns can look a little like:

Child > Pleasure.

This is why as a child I would sneak extra peanut butter in (using my bare hands), until I learned that that would make Mum mad. Had to learn quick around Mama Naess. 

These little fuckers are just out for themselves. That is, until they are taught otherwise from whatever adult influence they have in their lives.

(Disclaimer: I actually like some kids – they just haven’t learnt how to people yet).

As they mature into adolescence, they start to learn the importance of making decisions based off the principles they have been taught. They still seek pleasure, however, the process to get there involves negotiating with learnt principles to make sure it’s an outcome that won’t have future negative consequences.

Now the thought process goes more along the lines of:

Adolescent > Principles > Pleasure.

An example of this is to become aware of how eating can affect your body composition. A child will eat chocolate until he/she is stuffed. No care for the outcome or even if anyone else has any.

An Adolescent who is taught the value of a healthy eating habits & maintaining a healthy body composition will first consider their principles before seeking the pleasure.

In this sense, justifying the pleasure through principles is a means to an end. The principles have been taught to the adolescent – but they have not been created by the individual, they have just been remembered. In this sense, the adolescent is living through someone else’s principles.

For the adolescent to take the leap to full blown adulting, one more adaptation in the decision making process much take place.

This step is redefining your own principles and only seeking pleasure from living in alignment with said principles.

An adults decision making process look more like:

Child > Pleasure.

Adolescent > Principles > Pleasure.

Adult > Principles.

(Based off Mark Manson)

That is, real adults seek pleasure from abiding by their principles. Living in alignment with your principles will bring you more satisfaction/happiness than chasing things just for the sake of pleasure.

That’s why kids will lie, but real adults will have the backbone to say what needs to be said. It’s not about finding the easier route; it’s about sticking to something you believe in.

Take marriage for example. The principle of marriage is to commit yourself to that one person, until either death or divorce. Majority of happy marriage-ees find more satisfaction in sticking to that principle than getting it on with the hot next door neighbor.

Principles > Instant Gratification.

This process helped me uncover why I love what I do. Why I love working in the fitness industry. Why I love writing these emails. Why I love working with people to create healthier, happier lives.

I do not seek pleasure through working out.

Working out & living a healthy life are a part of my principles. By getting into the gym, tracking my calories & maintaining a decent body composition, I am living in alignment with my principles & values.

Does this make them enjoyable to practice? Not always. I don’t always want to train, and I definitely don’t always want to track my calories. However, the satisfaction I get from doing so outweighs the pleasure I would get in being slack.

So, what are your principles?

Without principles in life that you use to guide your choices, you are a child. You may be fully grown, but nonetheless, a child.

If you’re sick of feeling like you’re not living in alignment with your principles, take some goddamn responsibility and make some real adult decisions. Like an Adult.

Stop seeking pleasure, and start seeking principle adherence (PSA: adhering to your principles will bring you pleasure in itself)

If you currently are struggling with self-control, body compositional changes & healthy habits (gym, meal prep, nutritional tracking), please join my 12-week LEANER STRONGER program.

This program is designed to kick start the absolute shit out of your fitness journey, no matter what stage you’re in.

I will be building principles for you to follow throughout the program, with the intention being for you to redefine, develop and create your own to stick to afterwards.

This is no joke; this is some real adult shit right here. Starting September 1st.

Enrollments for this program will be closing on the 26th of August. I have limited spaces available & have filled several spaces already. I won’t be taking on a huge group as I want this program to be as personal and intimate for each and every member as possible.

To enroll, just reply to this email with “Fuck yeah, I want to be LEANER & STRONGER” – and I’ll do the rest.

Level up with me.


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