The Happy Monday Mindset #2

  1. Happy Monday.
  2. Happy Monday.
  3. HAPPY. GODDAMN. MONDAY. (go on, say it to your co-workers – be that person)

I’m so excited to be writing this email to you – in the hopes that it can pump you up to go on and literally smash your way through the day.

I want to you finish the day feeling Strong, Powerful, In control (and ready for sleep) – and that all starts with the language you use to describe the day ahead of you, now.. You’re the only one who can make sure you feel this way as you go to bed – make decisions now that will support that.

My hope is that you will be thinking to yourself  as your wonderful head hits the pillow, ‘Fuck today was a great day – I put in a huge effort. I am excited for what tomorrow will bring.’

Then, list the three best moments of the day. It doesn’t have to be huge – it’s completely subjective to you. Just list three things that happens throughout the day that

Mine from last night:

  1. Had a coffee that got me fired up at 8 am – double shot espresso from my man Adam at Stone Throw Cafe in stones corner (best damn coffee in south Brisbane, I’m tellin’ ya).
  2. Balled out and bought myself a new pair of socks (donkeys wearing sombreros yoooo – if you train with me in person you KNOW how much of a big deal this is to me)
  3. Found $2 on my evening walk (CHA-CHING – straight to the piggy bank, 100%)

I’m not telling you this to brag (I had a bloody sick day) or to tell you too much of my life – but to introduce a concept to you that has increased my quality of life – by a lot.

Practicing Gratitude.

It’s the habit of actively thinking about and appreciating all the great moments in life – big and small. Its reminding yourself of all the cool shit that happens to you on the daily. We are so caught up in the daily grind – take a second at the end of the day to think back on the little moments you had throughout the day – and appreciate them. Be grateful for having them. They might be small, but it’s better that they happened than not, right?

If you really want to step your gratitude game up – do it with you partner (best pillow talk, go get em’ tiger) and hear their moments of gratitude. You might even learn something about what they like.

I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Maybe it’s because I’m lucky (jammy bastard really), or maybe it’s just because I notice and appreciate all the little, tiny moments of cool shit that happens to me. Believe what you want, your choice, but honestly – give this a go. What do you have to lose?


Count your damn calories.

Think of your calories like your personal food bank account.

Would you check you bank account before every purchase? Probably no.

Would you check it before big expenses? Yassss.

Would you chuck the occasional purchase on the credit card and pay it off later? YASSSS.

Rule to general finance from your friendly neighbourhood PT, Don’t spend more than you earn. If you do, you will go into debt – and that shit sucks.

Each day you ‘earn’ a certain amount of food $$ through your BMR & daily activity levels. Don’t spend more food $$ (eat) than you earn. If you do, you will gain weight.

It’s easy. Download ‘My Fitness Pal’ – record what you’re eating before you eat it. Use the barcode scanning feature to scan anything with a barcode.

Baddabing, baddaboom. Doneskies. You’re a machine.

If you want to know more about calculating any of the above or need help with where to start – come see me or give me a message – happy to help xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Boom! The ‘Train the Trainer’ Promotion has hit the ground running with 4 people in the draw to put me through as hard of a workout as they want!

There is one week left. If you haven’t seen any of this business yet – let me tell you about an opportunity and a half.

  1. Refer a friend or family member that are interested in PT (send me their name & contact number)
  2. Go into the draw to run a ‘Train the Trainer’ 45m session!
  3. If your referral goes on to continue training with me – get yourself some free PT sessions!
  4. Happy bloody Monday!

There is still 7 days left of this promotion – so get referring! Email or Text is fine – but you will need to get them through by Sunday the 14th @ 11:59 pm to be in the draw to win! 🙂 


Please see the following upcoming public holidays and scheduled time off.

April 11 – 14 – Michael away (Sydney for FILEX)

April 19 (Good Friday) – Working, limited time slots available – book now!

April 20 (Easter Saturday) – Closed

April 21 (Easter Sunday) – Closed

April 22 (Easter Monday) – Closed

July 12 – 28 – Michael off to Greek Islands Sifnos, Mykonos, Santorini & Hydra – sounds like a shit time.

To book in around Easter time please visit

Until next Monday – have an amazing week everyone! Smash you goals and remember to practice gratitude.


Luckiest man on the Planet.

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