The Happy Monday Mindset #20

Some people suck.

Yippy yiiiiiip – Happy Monday to you, and you , and you (and for the hell of it – happy Monday to me even)

Each week I feel like I’m discovering a new level to this shit.

By ‘this shit’ – I mean life.

Like, the intriciousices when dealing with other people is fucking infinite. 

To put it plainly (I’ll quote myself here) ‘Some people Suck” – Naess, M 2019

As much as I like MOST people, I don’t think anyone can deny me that some people just. fucking. suck.

(Hahaha I just read that back, jesus that sounds negative #happymonday. It’s not I promise, I’ll get my round to a point at some point)

Sounds kinda terrible to say, but it’s an unavoidable truth (IMO). The harder truth is that at some point we will be the ones people are referencing when someone says ‘some people suck’ – also unavoidable.

But (point is coming) – you can use the ‘some people sucks’ methodology to your advantage. You can use the 1% of people who just plain old suck, as a bounce board to keep moving forward.

Look, someone hit my car recently.

Didn’t leave a note 🙂

Didn’t leave a business card 🙂

Didn’t do it in a surveillance camera area 🙂

Fucking suckee behavior by a fucking muppet who sucks 🙂

So, I had a few options of how to proceed. I had a few choices that ran through my head.

I could:

  1. Be angry at the world (no one to directly blame/strangle – the world cops it) & probably takes it out on someone in my life who is also innocent
  2. Get in a soppy mood about it, and let it ruin the rest of my day (life isn’t fair wah wah wah)
  3. Take a deep breath. Tell myself that some people suck (some people seriously do), and brush that shit off. Act like a duck, as they say.

Act like a duck

To not let things get to you, and allow yourself not to be bothered or annoyed by actions or the current situation you may be in or by what other are doing to manipulate you into bitterness. When everything is building up. i.e. The saying when it rains it pours seems to make sense in describing life at times and acting like a duck is better, because ducks do not run and hide when it rains, they do not try to cover themselves up and avoid it, they do not attack the rain or try fighting it off they simply endure it with pride and dignity like it was not even there in fact they seem to enjoy it while it lasts, and above all do not seem to be bothered by the rain. Hence acting like a duck or to act like a duck is better than retaliating and making the situation worse or make everyone think its better to attack and fight rather than be dignified and work it out.

Note: It may sound like im picking on people who suck. I want you to know, that I 100% am. For some people, it’s not their fault that they suck – some people have literally never been taught how to not suck!

The same way a lot of people don’t have an amazing knowledge around exercise & nutritional practices – they just weren’t taught.

However, this is where we reach the crossroads between assigning FAULT & RESPONSIBILITY.

It’s also an interesting crossroads where we see clear behavior patterns for those who suck, and those who do not suck. (Technical, I know)

You can blame someone for how you feel, or even for your current circumstances.

You can blame your work for having such a shite work/life balance.

You can blame your parents for not teaching you how to eat properly.

You can blame your partner for arguments & making you feel like crap.


No matter what you’re feeling or who has contributed to you feeling that way – it is still 100% Your responsibility to do something about.

Blame your boss for being in a bad mood? Lol, he/she don’t give a fuck if you stay in a bad mood, that’s your responsibility to fix.

Mum & Dad didn’t teach you to value regular exercise & eating well? Yep – that’s your responsibility to fix.

My emails are too engaging and you get a dead leg from reading them while on the toilet? Your responsibility to fix.

You see, I think the difference between sucking & not sucking (ha ha blowing – grow up, Pete), is taking full responsibility for yourself.

That means:

Taking responsibility for being in charge of your feelings.

Taking responsibility for fixing whatever in your life in unbalanced)

Taking responsibility for your mistakes And leaving a goddamn fucking note when you fuck up and hit someone’s car.

Basically, it means being in control of yourself and take control of your situation.

So, when I saw my car had been hit & some fuckwit had driven off on me, I chose to be fucking fuming. For about 30m I didn’t take the higher path on this one at all. Spoilers: not the best decision.

About 30m later (still mad), I thought about what I was doing.

Took a deep breath.

I can’t change what has already happened.

Some people just fucking suck.

That person isn’t going to magically appear and offer to pay for the repair + an ice cream sundae any time soon.

So, I can blame the shitbag for making me mad – but it’s still my responsibility to turn it around.

(That’s the shit end of the stick in life sometimes. Sometimes, sometimes, you do absolutely nothing to deserve what you get. Not a thing. But, only YOU have the power to make it better. You also have the power to make it worse by playing into it. Choose wisely.)

In fact, by spending my precious time having a fucking tantrum about it, I realised that I was just giving that person-who-sucks even more power. I am giving them more of my day.

NOPE (people who suck don’t deserve time out of your day. They suck. You don’t.)

There is no ‘Life is unfair’, ‘people hate me’, ‘URGH such a monday thing to happen’

Nope, just chalk it down to some people suck. Don’t take it on as this is an external event that happened TO YOU, just remember that there is a minority % of society that just. bloody. sucks.

Listen, that’s what I get for not parking further away from the shop entrance and getting my steps up.

The point I’m making is,

If you aren’t in the body composition/shape that you desire to be in, because you’re:

  • Stressed
  • Working too much
  • Too busy
  • Injured
  • A ‘hard gainer’
  • A ‘hard loser’
  • Nervous/intimidated about starting
  • Not sure where to start
  • Not sure if you can do it

I’m telling you – these are all valid ways to feel.

I’m telling you -I get it. I really do.

But the hard love of this is that it is STILL you’re responsibility to do something about it.

It’s still on you to pull your socks up and make some shit happen. You can be the most powerful force in your life.

But you need to take responsibility.

This is on you.

I can make this process easier, more effective and safer for you (when I’m not writing long ass emails, this is actually what I do for a living believe it or not).

Enrollment to my 12-week LEANER STRONGER program opened just yesterday.

This program has been designed with the busy 40h/week worker in mind. If adhered to, it promises you will achieve two things over the 12 weeks. You will be:

  1. Leaner
  2. Stronger

Honestly, for what I’m charging for this program – it is JAM PACKED with resources, guides & 1 on 1 time with me. This program will teach you how to make fitness sustainable in your lifestyle so you may continue it by yourself after the 12 weeks.

I’ fucking excited to bring this program to the table. It’s legit.

This isn’t a challenge. Challenges don’t teach you how to do this for yourself.

This is a 12-week life upgrade program.

So, to recap:

  1. Some people suck, some people don’t
  2. You can blame whoever you want for whatever you want – but it’s still on you to fix it
  3. The difference between people who suck and people who don’t is simply taking responsibility.
  4. LEANER STRONGER enrollment is open, and will be full very soon. Take responsibility for yourself & your life.

To enroll to LEANER STRONGER, just reply to this email and I will do the rest. There are only 12 spots available & they WILL fill – soon!

Michael x

Responsible for how shit I feel after having 10,000 beers Saturday night

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