The Happy Monday Mindset #23

Birthday Reps & Principles.

Happy Monday!

Ok, rant mode: Engaged.

What a banger of a weekend.

Firstly, it was my 26th Birthday yesterday. Thank you to everyone with the birthday love.

(I am horribly hung over, but what better way to get through a hangover than get into a Happy Monday Mindset)

Secondly, I used the birthday spirit to smash out a new PB for deadlifts – 190kg in the bag, ya boi getting strong.

Thirdly, I am convincing myself that birthday calories don’t count #bdaykcalsdontcount – as I DEMOLISHED carbs all weekend (back into my calories now, balance yo)

Fourthly (?), my parents are here, which means good food, good drink & good lols #familymanmicko.

I had a number of people comment on me going to gym on my birthday.

‘You know you can have a rest in your birthday’

‘It’s the one days of the year you don’t have to feel bad for not going ha ha ha’

‘You’re going to the gym today? Fuck that!”

(All real comments from real people)

I love these people, but they don’t get it #muppets

I know I could have a break from the gym if I wanted too – but that’s not the point.

If anything, I view it more important to get myself into the gym on my Birthday than other days.

(I’m not saying you should – by all means, have a break on your birthday – it’s your life, this is simply MY mentality)

Because, there are no excuses here.

It’s not about even getting the session in to be honest, it’s more about the principle of the matter.

Identifying the principles you want to adhere to in your life WILL make the difference in being able to motivate yourself anytime, anyplace.

The principle being: working out is good for my health, mental health & self-development. It makes me my highest self.

This is good for me. 

There are no days that I’m not thinking of self-development in one way or another – 1% improvement every. fucking. day.

I don’t do it to be a wanker, I do it to adhere to my principles. Adhering to your principles will bring you satisfaction & meaning. Meaning will bring you happiness.

There are two parts to self-motivation: principle & attitude.

Once defined, the principle doesn’t change. Your attitude, however, changes every fucking hour.

It’s all good and well when you feel good and your attitude is 100%

But when you feel like shit, had a hard day, tried as fuck – that’s when the principle of the matter is of more importance that your attitude.

You are in control of your attitude and every now and then you have the chance to prove that to yourself.

When these opportunities to prove that you are the master of your attitude come up – make sure you have your principles ready to go, and smack that shitty attitude in the face.

Remind yourself what’s up.

Remind yourself that you’re the bad motherfucker who is in control of your own shit (sorry mum)

You just mastered yourself, exercised some true self control.

You’ll feel amazing.

I tell you what – I didn’t feel like going to the gym at all yesterday.

I was extremely happy to hit a PB – 190kg deadlift for 1 clean as fuck rep.

For some people, that’s small numbers – just a warm up rep.

For me – it’s a giant step forward.

(Considering 4 years ago I broke my L5 vertebrae playing Rugby, it’s a fucking win)

I know people smaller than me that pull much larger numbers than that, but that it’s the focus here.

The focus is on me, doing the absolute best I can.

For fucks sake, I was lifting with a guy called Chris – who was deadlifting 200kg x 5.

I can’t compare myself to Chris.

Aside from the obvious genetic differences between us (he wouldn’t mind me saying that at all), I would also be comparing his chapter 15, to my chapter 3.

Not apples for apples.

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy.”

I have had a lot of conversations lately around body confidence and comparison.

And I can’t have left some of these conversations more fucking mad at the way our society promotes ‘health’ through modern media. 

We have a generation of young women being taught through social ‘norms’ that being skinny is sexy – by people who have no right to talk on health at all (instagram models, influences & the kardashians)

We have a generation of young men who are afraid to take their tops off at the beach because they don’t look like fucking Channing Tatum.

We have generations of humans who aren’t happy with the skins they are in.

And it fucking kills me.

But, I get it.

I must be the only PT on the gram without a 6 pack #plussizePT

For a long while, I actually let my physical appearance stop me from following my love and passion for coaching because I believed I wasn’t in good enough shape to do so.

This is not a sob story, I simply want to share my experience with you all to let you know: If you have body confidence issues, you are not alone.

I also want to share with you, if you have body confidence issues – there are things you can focus on to help change your perception of yourself.

Instagram is not fucking one of them.

It’s 100% no other people in the gym.

It’s not your friends, or even your family.

It’s you.

Focusing your attention on making yourself better every day is the way forward in loving yourself.

Because, that’s all that confidence issues are – it’s the way you perceive yourself.

By working on yourself, #projectyou, you give yourself a reason to be proud.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.

However, I also believe that everyone needs to give themselves a reason to feel good about themselves.  

That is the principle of self-development.

If you want to be able to motivate yourself endlessly, define your own set of principles – something you would strive to be known for.

Then, live to your principles.

If it’s to be kind, be kind.

If it’s to motivate, motivate people.

If it’s to bes the best version of yourself so that you can give more to every aspect of your life – make that a principle and remind yourself of it every. Damn. day.

If it’s to be the best damn mother/father, there ever has been – talk to my parents (here for a limited time only).

YOU define the principles you live through, consciously or unconsciously.

I’d rather make it conscious – wouldn’t you?

“The way you spend your days is the way your spend your life.”

I can not encourage you more to get after it.

Work that 5% harder.

Get those extra reps/steps in.

Work more efficiently so you can sleep better.

Put in the extra effort.

Count your fucking calories.

Completely online programming packages have just opened. It has never been easier, cheaper or more accessible to work on yourself with me.

Reply to this email to learn more about online coaching.

Michael x

Birthday Boy

P.S. I did not proof read this rant, sue me 🙂

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