The Happy Monday Mindset #24

Fucking grit & trees, man.

Yo yooooo – Happy Monday!

If you thought this email wasn’t coming just because I am on holidays you must be JOKING. I love writing this email this week, I love the process.

Firstly, I can’t not dedicate some space for a shout out to a client of mine, Mr. Jack Hannah.

This man is a true killer.

This weekend I was lucky enough to travel with him to the Great Ocean Road to support him through his first ever 100km Ultra Marathon.

We have been training together for 9 months, with this race being the goal for the last 4 or 5 months.

On Saturday, Jacko crossed the line after running for 15 hours.

15 fucking hours.


I am so incredibly proud of him – the dedication, determination and pure fucking GRIT he showed on Saturday was just amazing.

On Saturday, Jack was the hardest worker in the room.

I (freezing my nuts off) followed his process via a GPS tracker & met him at checkpoints to make sure he was still in the game.

Each and every point, right up until the last CP at 86km, he came in, rested, told me he was fine and was on his merry way.

His mentality blew me away, it was a serious killer mindset and awe inspiring to see. 

Alright, enough for Jack – back to me 😛

I am in Victoria currently, driving up the Great Ocean Road because why not.

It’s seriously stunning – but it wasn’t easy to get here to start this little holiday off.

  1. Plane was delayed.
  2. Landed, taxi driver had a go at me for being a big enough fare (wrong day, wrong bloke buddy)
  3. Plane delay means couldn’t pick up the rental van on time.
  5. Had tickets to go to an event on Friday Night – turns out they were fake tickets #byebyecashmonz
  6. Lost my earbuds #byebyemorecashmonz
  7. Rental Van is completely shite

I LOVE IT. What a trip already.

BUT – if it wasn’t for all these things going wrong, I wouldn’t have gotten to experience what I did today.

Can’t be getting caught up on shit I can’t change.

Me focusing my attention on the things that are making life hard won’t make life better.

I needed to focus my attention on what I can do to make this trip fun.

So I did!

I had a wander through a California RedWood forest today.

Fucking. Beautiful.

Massive trees, beautiful river & amazing wildlife.

As I walked through the trees, I thought about the life path of a tree.

These trees are huge, but all started as seeds that would fit on the tip of my little finger.

(suspected anabolics at use)

A quick google tells me that these trees can reach 115m in height & 1200 years in age.

Thats a growth of under 10cm a year.

10cm is nothing in comparison to the end result of the tree, but year on year these bad boys dont give up.

Each year they keep growing.

Keep developing.

Keep pushing their limits.

It isn’t rapid growth that makes these trees famous or successful.

It’s consistency, time and patience.

When these trees don’t grow 4m in a month they don’t think to themselves, ‘Fuck this. I’m not growing at the rate I hoped for. This growing shit isn’t for me, fuck it.’ and give up.
(I actually cannot verify this as I cannot communicate with Trees – but I would imagine)

I mean, if you looked at one of these trees two days in a row, you wouldn’t notice a difference.

But have a look in 10 years and the growth will be huge.

Look at it from year 1 to year 100.. You get it.

They just keep to their steady pace, growing & growing.

Yet, I see this type of unforgiving expectations of rapid change in humans all the time!!

Getting balls deep into the instagram version of health & fitness for a month, and throwing it all away when they don’t see the results they were hoping for.

“I stopped because I didn’t lose enough weight straight away’ – actual quote from actual client (Yes, they are killing it now. Yes, they were doing silly shit. Yes, it was easier using my methods).

It seems bizarre to me that I see people who have taken 30 years to get into the shape their in, but expect to get shredded in 12 weeks.

It doesn’t work like that man’s/woman’s.

Basically, you should aim to be like a Californian Redwood.

Whatever goal you have, just keep chipping away at it.

Week after week.

Month after month.

Year after year.

‘How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time.’ – One of my faves.

Success in any endeavor doesn’t come overnight, it takes consistency, time & patience.

Here’s some tips:

  1. Eat as well as you can.
  2. Lift your weights.
  3. Make sleep your priority.
  4. Get laid when you can.
  5. Work hard.
  6. Enjoy small term gains, but focus on the long term goals.
  7. Keep doing it.

If you are requiring change in your life, be it health/fitness/attitude – I can speed up the process for you by showing you what you need to be doing right away.

Skip the confusion.

Skip the bullshit.

Start with the good stuff that actually work.

My purely online programs have just opened up. Just reply to this email to join in on the good stuff.

Michael x

Jacks’ biggest fan & Tree connoisseur

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