The Happy Monday Mindset #26

IT Genius/proof that I can write short(er) emails.

Happy Monday!

Before I start ranting – seriously, get your ass into gear.

Let’s go. Monday the F UP.

Be that fucker in the office who greets everyone with a ‘HAPPY MONDAY’.

Don’t be a sheep – be the goddamn shepherd who leads the sheep out of their miserable existence.

Don’t fall into the trap of hating Mondays like every other Muppet out there.

What you say, you believe.

You tell yourself you’re dumb, not capable and not worthy – you’ll believe it.

So why the fuck would you do that to yourself.

In fact, why would you do that to other people, even?!

Don’t be a dick.

(To yourself or others)

Kick your own ass, love yourself and be fucking awesome.

It’s all a choice.

Rant over.

Now, you all know me as a Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist/Devilishly Handsome guy

(omg stop it, pls you’re embarrassing me)

But what you didn’t know is that I’m also a IT god.

I had an online client reach out ot me recently,

“Michael, you’re awesome & I’m noticing amazing results doing exactly what you say – buuuuuuut, my training app has locked me out of my training plans. Any idea what to do here?”

I (stretching my hands backwards, flexing my technology intelligence, sipping my triple shot coffee) respond with the message of the fucking century.

Like, I surprised myself with my own genius.

The be all end all of IT

(I’m sure??)

“Have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

HoooooOOOooOOoooooly shitsnacks.

What a banger. Ya boi is on FIRE.

I was pleasantly surprised too soon hear back – it worked!

Turns out my client’s tech just needed a reset (and I’m a tech genius)

A little nap to refocus, refresh and come back with a fresh state of mind

(Fresh state of tech??)

Just like so many of the people that have already joined the LookGoodNakedCo community.

Firstly, they needed to take a step back from the everyday shitstorm and figure out what is making them unhappy (because you don’t have to be!)

Then, they decided to focus on finding out what’s getting in their way (themselves)

Then, they figured out what they need to move forward in the direction they want (self-development/growth)

Lastly, they found me.

Someone to support and encourage their own personal development goals.

Someone to provide structure, information & guidance for their journey.

Some to have a laugh with, to celebrate the wins with & someone to tell you to pull you head into line when you need it.

Online packages is going fucking awf – I am extremely happy with the response I’ve been getting.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Exercise Programming specific to YOU
  • Calorie/Macro diet plan
  • Nutritional Programming
  • Recipe Packs
  • Access to the LookGoodNaked Training app & video library

All for $100 a month.

Fookin unreal if I say so myself.


  1. Be a fkn happy sod on a Monday – who knows, you might make someone else’s day better.
  2. Join the LookGoodNaked Company. It’s legit.

AND if you join now I will even throw in my legendary IT assistance, completely free of charge.

Fuck me how’s that for quality.

Michael x

Master of turning things off and back on again.

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