The Happy Monday Mindset #28

The balance of what you yeet & what you eat.

Happy Monday to you all, and to you all a happy Monday.

As always, I encourage you all to step outside of the socially accepted norms of hating Mondays.

Fuck that.

If you hate your Mondays – get a new Monday. Feeling me?

Going to bed Sunday night dreading waking up tomorrow to go into the office ‘Hating Mondays’ is an unbelievably shit way to spend 1/7th of your life. 

Be the person who spreads the positivity – you have no idea what impact you may just have.

Be better than the people who fuck around hating mondays – be a different league of person from them.

This weekend I had some American friends in town from college days.

We hosted a huge ‘Friendsgiving’ dinner – with the Americans at the helm of the kitchen.

Holy fucking food fest.

I’m in bed, typing this email out on my phone bc I still can’t fucking move #senddigestiveenzymespls

Imagine a potato with 4 toothpicks sticking out of it – that’s me today #aestheticPT

Having friends over is always the best, but I always manage to cop shit around big feeds,

‘Oi Mick, aren’t you counting these calories???’

‘Oi Micko, how are you fitting into your diet?’

“Hey maaaaaaate – how’s the diet going buuuuddddyyyyyyy?’ *eyes obviously looking at my plate/bulging belly*

“Hey big fella – giving up on the idea of not being a fat fuck, hey?’

  2. The point their getting across doesn’t concern me at all – cop this one,

‘You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than your current results’ – James Clear.

Truth be told, I would estimate the 1 meal I had yesterday to be worth approx. 4000/4500kcals.

Yeah, ya boi went full HAM sandwich

(it was so fkn good omg)

Food, wine, dessert – it was all just amazing.

All the comments were in good jest I’m not having a go at anyone – but they just don’t get it. 

This is balance, people.

I anticipated this coming, I prepped to eat a shit load of food in advance.

Mans not fucking around here.

I increased my calorie deficit more than I would have liked all week, got an extra lifting session in & made sure my steps were higher than the usual.

Essentially, I saved up a bunch of calories so I could spend them last night. 

I planned for this calorie expenditure appropriately, not just so I would not have to feel a single ounce of guilt for the blow out, but also to keep my progress on track.

The same way I would have saved money through the week if I was going out to pay for a huge dinner Sunday night.

And you know what happened?


Guilty pleasures (a mars bar, cheeky muffins, sneaky chocolate when no one is around) are all nice little treats, but are guilty all the same.

You’re cheating yourself & cheating your progress.

I didn’t cheat shit.

I would not have even gone over my maintenance calories for the week, in fact, I believe I would have still been in a deficit for the week – so truthfully, I stalled my progress by about 3 days.

By today I will be 100% back on track and making progress toward my current physical goal.

So, when mates tried to point and laugh, I just laughed along with them.

Your current trajectory shows a lot more than your current situation.

Don’t get all up in your own Jam for having a huge workout 1 random day a month – look at your trajectory. 1 workout a month = 12 workouts a year. That’s shit trajectory.

Don’t be a fair weather athlete.

Anyone can do anything when the going is good, that’s not what makes a high level athlete.

It’s about knowing & falling in love with the process.

Keeping yourself accountable to the goals you set and the outcome you desire.

One of my most essential rules comes from James Clears’ ‘Atomic Habits’:

(great read if anyone is looking for a new book)

Don’t miss twice.

If you don’t complete a behavior you know you should (workouts, counting your calories. Getting 10k steps up, putting your gooddamn trolley away), that’s actually ok.

But don’t you fucking dare miss twice. Make it happen, put the missed action behind you and get back on track.

Sounds a little bit serious for most people, but this is serious business.

Your habits shape your life, and you shape your habits.

It couldn’t be more serious really.

Basically, I really enjoyed my huge ass dinner & have 0 to feel guilty about and it feels v nice.

(and turned it into an email)

You can have this too – you just need to learn about energy balance.

To figure this all out & have a exercise + nutritional program that works for YOU – reply to this email to join my online programming.

$25/week to literally change your routine, habits & life.

What a banger of a deal.

Also, one more banger of a quote for you this week from my American Friend Michelle (when discussing caloric content of friendsgiving meal, ‘It’s all a balance of what you eat, and what you yeet’


Michael x

Eater of most things in sight.

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