The Happy Monday Mindset #29


Happy Monday killers.

Well, this may be it.

This may be in for you and me.

This may be the email to turn you off me for good.

And if it is. That’s ok with me.

(I’ll keep chucking out emails, don’t you bloody worry about that)

If you’re going to be offended by taking a hard look at yourself & accepting that you may require change to make yourself better – than please, do us both a favor and fuck off.

No bad vibes needed, no hard feeling – I wish you all the best

(honestly, I really, really do)

The 2 biggest things I see stopping people from achieving all the shit they want in their life;

  • Money
  • A better physique
  • Confidence
  • A better attitude
  • Higher self esteem
  • A better relationship
  • A career change
  • Being better


  1. Accepting that you will need to actually fucking change to make this happen & what that means
  2. Effort.

You don’t just become the person you want to be by half assing the tasks that need to be done in order to get there,

You actually need to become that person who deserves those things.

This is hard.

Like, really fucking hard.

Because it’s not just coming to the realisation that you will have to change thats the killer.

It’s coming to realise that the person you used to be will have to die & be reborn again.

‘THiS iS AWfulLy DRamaTIc, MicHAel’

No, it isn’t.

It’s oh so easy to want the things that look amazing (6 pack, a nice house, high social awareness)

But it’s really hard to become the person who actively deserves those things. And in order for that to happen. You need to shed the old you – and step into the new, you.

To get a 6 pack you need to work really fucking hard in the gym & in the kitchen. It isn’t something you just have – you need to become the person who deserves it.

(why anyone would actually want a shredded 6 pack is beyond me. Yes they look amazing, it is sustainable/even healthy for 90% of the population? No. Some people burst out of the womb with abs, others need to starve themselves to get there. I would rather not starve and just work on becoming truley happy with myself, despite not having a 6 pack)

Having a supportive, healthy & loving relationship isn’t really easy either. You need to work at that. You need to become the person who deserves to have a loving, supportive & caring partner – which in turn demands you to be a loving, caring & supportive partner.

Having a higher self-esteem isn’t even that easy either! Having that sense of purpose & dignity takes time, practice & training too! Ask anyone you regard as having a great self-esteem/outlook on life who isn’t a totally dickbag and they will tell you – it takes practice to become someone who seems to make it happen naturally.

To reach a level of Being that you haven’t had before, you must be willing BECOME someone you’ve never been before – Adaptations from Jordan Peterson, Thomas Jefferson & Rachel Bell (Did I just make my own fucking quote?!  MANS on FIRE yeet)

Accepting change and accepting that you cannot be that person anymore is fucking scary.

(Especially if you have been this person for 30 years, or more)

You’re reinventing yourself a fresh.

But it doesn’t need to be.

People reinvent themselves all the time.

It happens when you decide to stick to a new habit (good or bad)

It’s a huge shift in a divorce.

It’s a massive shift when you change jobs or careers.

Little changes change the fabric of our being all the time – make self-development one of them & you’ll never be scared of change.

And effort.

Oh boy.

If you could get effort in pill form, and sell it as a supplement. You may as well start calling me Micko Bilzerian.

I think this stems from a few streams of thought.

Firstly, it’s so easy nowadays to be incredibly average.

We do live in a society where it is easy, even preferred, to be pretty shitehouse.

(The reason why I say preferred is the social pressure that is applied to those who want to live outside of the norms – those few who are chasing excellence who are told to ‘stay in their place’)

It’s so easy to go to work, go home, eat non-nutritious foods on the couch while watching TV, get the bare minimum of sleep & wake up to do it all over again.

As a society, the average job is no longer physically demanding, actually it’s the opposite.

We live in an age where it has become more convenient to be lazy.

(With companies making a huge industry out of convincing you to be)

It’s easy to be shit.

I’m challenging you to make life hard. The easy life Is. Not. Desirable.

We know the outcome of an easy life; an early death.

Making life hard, through doing the shit you know you should, makes life better.

Secondly, the extremes of our populations are very visible.

I see a lot of people trying to become like the 1% of the population who are born with (what seems to be) ‘it all’.

The Zac Effrons & Kardashians’ of the world, you may say. I take absolutely nothing away from these individuals, they are all hustlers – but I very much doubt anyone would disagree with me that there is a huge amount of genetic (and social) advantage that these people leverage well.

For anyone who doesn’t have the genetic/social gifts as people like these, why the fuck would you compare yourself to them?

That’s not apples for apples.

That’s home grown apples to genetically & artificially (hormonally in Zacs case wink wink) enhanced apples.

But with social media it becomes extremely easy to see these people’s lives on a daily basis.

Constantly having the message ‘You’re not me, nor will you ever be’ shoved down your throat with every bathroom/topless selfie is not healthy.

Worry about you.

Follow people who add positive emotions into your life, not negatives.

Compare yourself to the you that came to play yesterday, and outplay them – this is your life.

Thirdly, our average is shite.

Those people that either aren’t comparing themselves to the 1%, or are and then try to make themselves feel better, are comparing themselves to the average person.

Let me tell you, there is nothing that will make you shitter in life than trying to compare yourself to anyone else, especially ‘the average’.

You are so special and unique in your own way – it does you an absolute dis-service to compare yourself to the average.

The average is rubbish!

Some stats to back it up;

  • 67% of Australians are overweight or obese
  • The average person spends 9.4 hours in front of a screen A FKN DAY.
  • The average person daily step count is under 7500 (10k everyday babyyyyy)
  • 1 in 5 people have high blood pressure
  • 50% of the population does not meet the daily fruit intake recommendations
  • 95% of the adult population does not meet BOTH the daily veggie & fruit intake recommendations. EXCUSE ME.
  • In 2017 – 2018 15.0% of 18-64 year olds and 17.2% of 65 year olds and over met the 2014 Physical Activity Guidelines. WHAT THE FUCK (those guidelines are low as shit).
  • 75% of adults do not undertake strength or muscle toning exercise on two or more days of the week.

YOU have the opportunity to be better than that.


And, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t think it’s much to ask you to be better than the average.

Not in a sanctimonious way at all – but in a way that pulls you apart from the pack.

Be your own defining force in life.

Live on your terms.

Fuck the pack.

I mean it, take real issue with anyone who insinuates that you are average, or just one of many.

“You’re 1 in a million” is one of my least favorite sayings, it’s actually fairly insulting.

1 in 7 million means that there 7000 people out there, just like you.

Urgh thats shockingly dissatisfying.

Strive to be 1 in 7 billion, and fuck all those who say 1 in 1 million.

IF YOU ARE someone who is looking for the perfect supplement to help you achieve WHATEVER body compositional goals you desire, I have the perfect thing for you.

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I will look after you.

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Personalized Diet for your goals, check.

Training Tracking App & video library, check.

Email support & regular updates from me, check.

All for $25 a week.

If you would spend $100 on a night on the piss, I’m asking you to stay in for 1 night a month.

Make self-development your priority.

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Seriously, you owe it to yourself to get off your ass and start busting out some fucking moves.

We are all savages, some of us are just savages disguised as lazy fucks.

Which would you rather be?

Michael x

1 in 7 Billion

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