The Happy Monday Mindset #32

Fuck Fit-Lato

Good afternoon to you all & a happy Monday to you!

Apologies for the delayed timing of my famous weeky email.

I spent the weekend in Sydney celebrating my Sisters 30th Birthday with the family & I am currently writing this on the plane back to Brisbane


Relaxing, refreshing & calorically huge – just the way you want any sort of celebration.

I had a situation arise this last week that has made me reflect on my purpose of all this, communication style & message – it’s been a big weekend.

(By ‘all this’ I only mean my life & whatnot)

Recently, I posted on Instagram about a brand of low calorie Ice-Cream (@Fit-Lato).

I used this post to criticize them on their marketing tactic, using the prase ‘Guilt Free’ to sell their product.

Firstly, lets get this out here

I am all for low calorie options – especially for sweets.

Low calorie sweets allow people to feel like they’re indulging, without the caloric shit storm that usually comes with it. Allowing people to feel like they have indulged reduces the chance of them actually going nuts and therefore, makes it much easier to stick to their diet & stay in a calorie deficit.


I am alllllllll about this.

I’ve said it 1000 times, consistency to any diet type is the key to making it successful.

Make it something you can stick to & be patient.

So, getting back to my point – LOVE low calorie options.


My gripe with this particular brand is


Associating any food item with a feeling of guilt, or placing guilt on other food items is promoting negative relationships with food, health & self-image

(In my humble opinion)

It makes me pissed off to see any company using guilt to sell a product, no matter what the intended purpose.

So, I made a post explaining this – and tagged them.

(I then fell asleep straight away bc I was on a plane. I am an excellent plane sleeper – be jealous)

I woke up to comments on my post from Fit-Lato & a message, as below.

(post picture of message & my response)

Unfortunately, they blocked me before they could read my response, L O L.

This message really bothered me, for quite some time.

I felt like a bully, like I had hurt someone – something I would never intend to do, without exceptional reason.

(I would 100% call someone out publicly if they are using shitty tactics to sell shitty products, a.k.a. skinny teas. Especially if these tactics revolve around demoralizing people over natural bodily functions I.E. Celulite & hip dips)

This really affected me for a while.

Am I bullying a small, family run business?

For some time, I was considering editing the post, changing them – or removing it completely.

After all, I’m not trying to affect a small businesses profit margins – far from it.

I’ve thought about this for most of the time I have been away.

It’s given me some important perspectives & has become a great opportunity to reflect on my values and how to communicate better in accordance with them.

I got into teaching people how to better themselves through nutrition & fitness because I want people to be Happier.

Not fitter, not shredded, not musclier.

(all of these things are farrrrrking cool too though, don’t get me wrong – I love that shit)

But to be happier.

Any brand that associates negative feelings with necessary functions of human life

(food, hygiene products, self-care), are not working towards making people happier.

They’re working towards sales & financial gains.

However small, however innocent & however well-intended these ploys are, they work in the opposite direction of what I am trying to achieve.

So, no.

I will not stop making examples of branding like this.

After consideration, I think my delivery could have been better.

More education, less outrage and all that.

But my message and intent is the same.

I have the knowledge to see through the shit talk.

I have the ability to say something about it.

I have the opportunity to help others not fall for shit that will make them feel worse about themselves in the long term.

Therefore, I view it as my duty to do so.

It feels fucking weird to type it out.

It makes me feel like I’m pumping myself up to be some sort of ‘protector of the people’

I’m not, I swear.

I just know a lot of shit about nutrition & exercise – topics that seem to be able to take advantage of people regularly.

I don’t want you to place your mental energy, finances or HOPE into bullshit.

I want you to be Happier with yourself.

Fuck me, I bloody love you.

The notion of, ‘I’ll be happy when.’

– When I lose 10kg

– When I can see my dick over my stomach

– When I look like ‘that guy/girl’

Is a form of self-rejection?

It’s wanting to be reborn as something else so you can throw away what you are now.

We cannot love ourselves when we wish to be soeone else in order to do so.

It’s a rejection of the very self we aim to love; the self we wish to do more with.

‘The important thing is not what one is born with, but what one makes of that equipment’ – Adler.

‘To put it simply, we must love our hardware whilst striving to update our software’ – Samantha Lodge

So listen, all I want to do is help you update your software. In the process, your hardware becomes better, too. That’s a fucking Win-Win if I ever heard it.

That’s why my online programming is so goddamn cheap.

I want you to have a plan that you can execute well & stick to for a long fucking time.

I want you to have the knowledge, ability & opportunity to become better.

I want you to feel like you’re fine just how you are, but are working hard to be just that much better.

I want you to know I love you & seriously, seriously care about your progress & getting better.

Please, jump on – it’ll cost you a cheao dinner a week ($25), and you’ll get a lifetime of self-development, personal growth & my love and support.

Love you,


Not a Fit-Lato consumer.

P.S. Wanting to be transparent, I also sent this email to Fit-Lato for clarification. Hopefully they can understand.

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