The Happy Monday Mindset #33

You don’t even want motivation.

Hi, Hey, Scoin’ on, how are ya?

Happy Monday.

No, seriously, how are you?

Like, how’s your life?

Let me in, tell me some shit.

(Mans out here having two ears ya know)

How do you think you are operating as a human being?

(If you wish to open a conversation on things you can do to continue your self-development & growth, all you have to do it reply to this email).

How are you feeling each day?

How are you feeling about yourself?

How has your physical activity been?

How’s your nutritional input been?


Do you think you’re operating at 110%?

If you are – fuck yeah my dude, keep on killing it.

If you’re not, that’s ok too. As far as I see it, you’ve just found one method of living that doesn’t get you to 100% – time to try the next one.

The real question should be, ‘Can I be better?’

The answer, ‘ Of course’

Something I hear alot from people of all stages is, ‘I just need to get my motivation up’.

Please, just fucking don’t.

Motivation isn’t what you need. Trust me.

You don’t want motivation, motivation is fickle.


Comes and goes.

It’s nice when it’s around, don’t get me wrong!

But if you rely on it solely, when it’s not around you’ll go to shit. 

We all struggle with motivation dumps – it’s part of the journey.

I certainly have, and will continue to do.

These last few weeks are a great example.

I have been in an exercise slump like never before yeeeeeeeet.

I haven’t wanted to train – I simply just haven’t felt like it.

(IF you have a plan, goal outcome and are recording your workouts to maximize your progressive overloaded – you are training. If you are simply working out without these things you are exercising.
I train, so should you. Join my online academy to get access to my training & recording app wink wink)

Nope, fuck you motivation.

I can’t guarantee when a motivation slump will end

I can guarantee you one thing though.

If you don’t push through the slumps, you’ll never experience the outcome you desire.


My partner, Sam, has left back to the states, I currently feel like a potato & am the weakest I’ve been all fucking year due to injuries & changing of training style.

Motivation is not high rn.

But, luckily I have adapted to not using motivation to get my sorry ass to the gym.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that dedicating myself to the PROCESS is what matters.

Not whether I want to go or not.

This isn’t about my comfort.

This is about knowing what needs to be done to get to where I want to go.

To develop and grow.

It’s black and white when you look at it from certain angles. 

If I don’t go, I won’t get to where I want to be.

If I do go, I will. #boomfacts

I have a rule about days where I don’t want to go to the gym.

If on a training day you say to yourself, ‘but I don’t want to go today’ – you absolutely must go. As long as you’re not sick, injured or fatigued to the point of exhaustion – you must go.

I don’t care if I get to the gym and just stretch, do one set or flop around uselessly for half an hour – I must get there.

This moment becomes a crossroads for my development. This decision sets a precedent.

One path leads to a life of comfort.

The other is a step towards achieving the life I want for myself.

Big choices.

(If one is to choose the path of comfort and are aware of the consequences of this, so be it. That is their decision to make. I have very different values that I would rather live my life by & WANT to live my life by.)

So, yesterday when I didn’t feel like going to the gym & I was to force myself – I texted a lifting friend to help me out.

This is strategy numero 1.

If he wasn’t up for it, I would have kept the texts going until I found someone.

(That right Tim, I just used you for my own gainz hahahahahaha)

(No just kidding thank you for that session I really value you pls workout with me again)

If it wasn’t for Timbot, I would have tried:

  • Reasoning with myself, offering a reward of some sort.
  • Reviewing my goals
  • You tubing the shit out of some motivational videos made by a 15-year-old
  • Having a coffee
  • Having a second coffee
  • Stretching & warming up in my apartment
  • Skipping around the place
  • (FUCKING SIDENOTE: Next time you’re angry, try skipping. No one can be angry while they’re skipping. I picked this up as a kid somewhere, I can’t remember – but holy fuck life changing)
  • Talking myself through why I go to the gym in the first place
  • Putting on my workout great
  • Put on some happy tunes
  • Putting on some filthy Trap & Dubstep
  • Asking myself, ‘What would the best version of myself do?’
  • Pros & cons analysis
  • Have an imaginary chat with my future self and tell older me why I’m not going

I have legitimately used each and every one of these techniques #lovelyday

I often get this one chucked around, ‘Oh, easy for you to say – you enjoy this fitness shit’

Yeah, sometimes.

But fucking not all the time.

Sometimes you just CBF

(Can’t be fucked, sorry mum)


The workout is less important than completing the action of doing it.

Practising your self-control, dedication & success.

Success isn’t a onetime action, it’s thousands of repeated actions done time and time again.

(boom, facts)

Lifting weights, exercising, general activity is more than just the action itself.

It’s flexing those self-control muscles, that discipline.

Not every session needs to be THE BEST SESSION EVA.

But they do need to be sessions.

We all struggle from time to time with consistent dedication.

Sometimes for a long time.

I’m telling you – THAT’S OK.

It literally doesn’t matter how long it’s been, or how unmotivated you have been.

It matters what you do, RIGHT NOW. This day.

Who you are up until this moment doesn’t define you.

It’s what you do moving forward defines you.

So, starting today, get started with me as your Digital Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist.

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It’s a banger deal.

3-month minimum sign up, a total $300 investment for a product that increases your motivation & consistency by 627%.

(% of increase at a guess, probably higher).

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Lots of love,

Michael x

Powered by consistency.

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