The Happy Monday Mindset #34


Welcome to another week – giddy up cowboy, it’s grind time.

I am fucking pumped today.

Not for any particular reason other than my hangover is finally over.

My lord, I could see the light yesterday – I thought I was a goner.

Woke up, crusty eyes, shallow breathing, morning breath from hell.

Head pounding, unable to speak words (could moan though).

But we made it.

And I still managed to walk the dog (twice, and yes, I have a dog now how good yes yes), get a sweat up, meal prep for the week AND engage with a few of my online clients.

I’m not trying to let on about how I am the man (I mean, I am though), but I do show up every damn day.

Even on the brink of death from self-induced poisoning #neverdrinkingagain

I thought I’d share the details of my grim hangover – as being a PT I often get miss represented as someone who enjoys seeing other people ‘in pain’ or ‘suffering’

So, here – I was in pain yesterday.

(I feel pain too, just not in the gym)

But also, get fucked – I don’t enjoy seeing people in pain.

Or suffering.

Or being overworked.

Or being overweight.

Or stressing their bodies due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Or being chronically sick due to poor self-care.

But I really do enjoy seeing people trying to Better themselves.

Or working hard to achieve new heights.

Or putting everything they’ve got into a workout to make a new PB.

Or really caring about the process involved for self-change.

Or seeing someone being empowered by their body, rather than restricted by it.

It’s all perspective.

My goal is not to work someone as hard as they can possibly be worked, every session.

There is a time and place for that.

My goal is to guide you to improve yourself, just a little bit, every session.

And over time, my goal is for you to improve yourself, just a little bit, every day.

When I started out as a PT, I would get hurt & offended when I would hear a client say, ‘You just enjoy seeing me in pain.’

This is my profession and my biggest purpose, pride & passion (a cheeky bit of alliteration for you there) – I legitimately LOVE my clients – how could they think that?!

This lead me down a deep thought experimentation, where I learned about moments of clarity.

(Moments of clarity are your AH HA moments. The self-talk when everything just falls into place).

You see, moments of clarity don’t appear from a lack of questions

In fact, it’s the opposite.

Moments of clarity don’t come to you, you have to go to them. By honestly questioning & answering everything you feel, do, say & believe.  – Getting pretty good at making quotes now fuck yeah.

After this little epiphany, I came to realise I was focusing on the wrong aspect of what they were really saying.

I was hearing, “You’re a bad coach, I’m in pain, this sucks, you suck”

(Instantly defensive, scrambling, hurt, offended)

When really what I should have listened in to hear was, “This is hard, I am not seeing the point in this, I am not motivated, please help me do this in a more enjoyable way”

(Gives me pain points, instant feedback as to what is going on, areas to work on to make good habits more enjoyable & sustainable)

I dubbed this as deep listening – listening through layers of verbal communication.

At first, I was defensive and reactive.

After a bit of thought, I welcomed that kind of talk as feedback and became proactive.

“If you can’t change your mind, you’re not using it” – another fucking banger for you.

I genuinely believe that most people work hard enough to achieve all the goals they could possibly ever desire.

Most people will go ham on exercise at some point in their lives.

Most people will work their ass off on a new business idea.

Most people will go to a councillor for their relationship.

Most people are willing to put in the work to make an idea happen.

“Most people are willing to work hard enough, just not for long enough.” MANS ON FIRE TODAY.

You see it all the time.

4 week challenges

8 week challenges

12 week challenges

That business idea you wrote a plan for

The Instagram page you started for 2 weeks

The side project you started

When you counted calories for all of 1 week

Side note: I will never, ever, call any of my programs ‘challenges’. I am firmly against this, and the data around the topic of body composition changes & ‘challenges’ is too. An extremely high majority of people who enter into a weight loss challenge will end up putting back on all the weight they lost, and then some more, within 3 years of finishing the challenge. Why? Because they don’t fix the underlying cause of the weight gain. They focus on working someone to the bone for 6/8/12 weeks at a time & don’t teach making sustainable life changes. How do you think someone’s mental health is going to be after that process? High chances of them now believing stronger than ever that, ‘fitness doesn’t work for me’.

Fuck short term challenges.

Somehow, even though we’re often more passionate about the side projects than we are our own work, work seems to get all of our time and attention.

Fucking what??

I get it – work pays the bills, and pays them now.

It’s instant gratification.

What I encourage you all to start doing, is treating your own self-care as if you would be broke without it.

(Self-care: Giving yourself what you need to function at your best. I.E. Working out/physical activity, adequate sleep, nutritious food, having a reason to be proud of yourself, stress relief, good sex.)

I’m talking about MENTAL WEALTH.

Your mental wealth is worth more than what’s in your bank – for me to you, I can guarantee it.

Mental Wealth is a combination of your:

  • Mental health
  • Stress levels
  • enjoyment / love of life
  • How much you enjoy your work
  • How much time you actually have
  • How much time you can dedicate to your family
  • Where you can travel too
  • Pride in self

Money isn’t what creates Mental Wealth.

It’s your daily habits & attention to self-care that creates your mental wealth.

Since I started at a PT, I have been using deep thought & deep listening to really hear what my clients want.

  • Why they want to see a PT
  • Why they stay with me
  • The benefits they see with me
  • What they say they want vs. what they really want
  • How I can be a Better coach
  • How I can provide more as a PT
  • How I can upskill to become a more inviting, exciting, motivating & uplifting Coach

I have brought all of this together for my online coaching packages, and I am very proud to say I am getting fucking amazing results through it.

I’m genuinely blown away every day to see people not only working hard enough, but making it a sustainable pattern that they can follow long term.

People are working hard enough, with the plan to work for long enough. WIN FUCKING WIN.

Online coaching starts from $25 a week.

That’s a whole month of coaching for what 1 in person session would set you back (SO CHEAP I BLOODY KNOW)

You will receive:

  • Exercise Programming specifically tailored to YOU
  • Nutritional Programming specifically tailored to YOU
  • Training & Tracking app with exercise video library
  • Access to my PDF resource library, with over 20 different modules on nutrition, exercise, mind-set & more.
  • Access to me for motivation, help, questions & tips.

Essentially, for $25 a week I will help you take responsibility for your current situation, so your future situation can be Better.

There is a minimum sign on of 3 months – after which you don’t have to continue if you don’t want to.

You can pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or all up.

I don’t think I could have made it any easier.

Give me your time & I will make your investment seem like cents compared to the value you will receive.

Reply to this email to start it off, just let me know if you’re interested.

Love you & have a fucking brilliant day.

Michael x

People choice award winner for ‘best bloke 2019’.

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