The Happy Monday Mindset #36

How to survive the festive season (with attachment)?

Fuck yeah, happy Monday.

(Sorry dad, you told me there wasn’t enough swearing in last week’s email, so here you go – fuck fuck fuck shit fuck)


For most of you all (me too) – this is the last week of the working year.

2K19 baby – over and out.

(Yeet, Yeet)

What a fucking hectic year it has been.

(for me, hopefully for you too!)

It’s important to look back and take note of the year that has past.

What you set out to achieve vs. what you actually achieved.

This is something I personally struggle with.

I’ll often getting so caught up with what the next goal is, the next accomplishment, the next stepping stone to propel myself forward.

So much so that I forget to take a second to realise that where I am now, is previously where I wished I was.

That is, I am now living the life that not so long ago I had wished for.

It’s nice to just appreciate what you’ve accomplished, while also not letting your foot off the gas.

(This year I started my own business, travelled through Europe for 4 weeks, 2 x Sydney trips, Melbourne trip for athlete support, drove the great ocean road, hiked mt. Hinchinbrook, 2 x trips to Townsville, smashed some gym PBs, smashed some fantastic results with my clients, created an online program, started a fast growing email list.. we only just starting baby hehe)

Attitude of gratitude, my dudes.

For most of us, this time of year is the cream on the cake


It’s the time when we sit back, relax a little & watch the calorie shit storm that is on the horizon roll in.

I always get questions this time of year

‘Michael, how do I not blow up like a balloon this time of year?’

‘Michael, should I count ALL the calories over Christmas?’

‘Michael, why are you still eating???’

Listen, fuck ya

Let’s set the stage here.

My goal for everyone I work with is related to their health, physical & mental.

I don’t work in competition prep

(that cool if you want to do that, I personally don’t see the appeal – just my humble opinion)

I don’t work in 1% athlete development.

I work with real people who want to be better in their everyday lives.

So when it comes to questions about surviving the festive season without putting on any weight my answer is really, really simple.

Fucking don’t.

Y’all heard me.

If you make it out of the festive season without putting on any weight, you’ve either done it for a specific purpose or reason (i.e. competition, allergic to tasty af foods, proving to yourself you can enjoy the holidays without blowing your calories)


You’ve done it wrong.


Instead of me telling you what to do/not to do, let me explain to you what I do to make this work.

1.I train hard all year & monitor my diet to support my training.

  • I train hard all year & monitor my diet to support my training. It is really, really important to recognize here that I diet to support my training, not to try and hit a certain physique. I eat so that I may optimally perform in the gym for whatever training style I am engaging in. Majority of time this means eating adequate protein so I can recover, eating majority whole & plant foods so I feel good/digest well/poop well, and making sure I have enough calories/carbs to FUEL my lifestyle.
  • If I want to lose weight, I will continue this pattern in a calorie deficit. If I want to gain muscle, I continue this pattern in a calorie surplus. That’s it.

2. Allow myself to enjoy the festive season treats (beers, desserts & sweets). I do limit my snacking & make sure I’m not just eating because I am bored to reduce senseless calorie intake.

3. Allow myself to go full ham sandwich on big meals (in my family it’s Christmas lunch & Dinner, Boxing day brekky) – but making sure a large portion of my calories comes from protein.

4. Continue training. Goddamn it if this isn’t some of the best training sessions & recovery period you will have so help me god I don’t know what will be. This is the Anabolic Season, BRO. Extra calorie input = extra calories expenditure potential & recovery potential, fucking go and get it.

5. Allow myself to rest as much as possible. I am fairly sure that the days between Christmas and New year’s cease to exist as individual days & become one long ass period of just eating, sleeping & training. And that’s fine with me. Nap errrrrryday. Rest, recover, train & eat. The life.

Unless you are planning on stepping on stage to compete in a bodybuilding show/physique competition in January, I do not see the reason to massively restrict during the holiday season.

(Almost as dumb as starting a diet on a Friday afternoon)

In fact, I see it as more detrimental to your potential progress to do so.

For success in being able to be your best self, you need BALANCE.

Nutritional balance, Training balance, Recovery balance, Self-development balance, Family/quality time balance

Y’all out here worrying about one week (Maybe 2 weeks if you’re a big dog) of being in a calorie surplus & overeating.

The way I see it, that’s 2 fucking weeks out of 52 that you are in control of.

If you are just reasonable with the other 50, you can use these two weeks as a recharge, for your soul.

One, or even two, weeks of being in a calorie surplus won’t make you fat.

The same way one week of training & counting your calories won’t make you shreddy kruger.

This is a process of time, balance & consistency.

I want you (omg, yes, you) to have fun this festive season.

Enjoy yourself. Don’t be a dick to yourself by over indulging every fucking meal.

Don’t beat yourself up over enjoying yourself this festive season – your life is worth enjoying.

You deserve to enjoy your life.

You also deserve to take care of yourself for the rest of the year so that these periods of enjoyment don’t fuck up your progress.

Be reasonable.

Keep training (best training sessions of the year)

Eat to nourish your soul.

This being said, there are a few tactics you can employ to make sure you don’t overdo it this season

Access a copy of my ‘Surviving the Festive Season’ Resource here, no tricks, no sign up, no cost.

Because I’m just that good of a bloke.


If you’re new year’s resolutions involve anything to do with becoming a better version of you

(weight loss, muscle gain, confidence gain, stress relief, general self-development & self-improvement)

Let me help you.

Start working with me more regularly than seeing these emails once a week.

Online training is smashing along.

I set you up with plans, nutritional strategies & a video library to go with it.

You have full access to me, my knowledge around exercise, nutrition & mindset.

You have full access to me as an accountability partner, encouragement & inspiration.

I will be your coach, friend, mentor, supporter & educator.

I will show you how to make small changes that will impact you forever.

I will show you how to fuel yourself so you may be your best.

I want you to be better, and I will help you get there.

My online coaching packages start at $25 a week; the price you would pay for one shitty Thai meal.

(Or amazing Thai meal, let’s be honest)

I won’t ask you to restrict yourself silly, I won’t ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do.

I will ask you to reach out.

If you’re ready, go here:

If you have questions, just respond to this email.

Love you!

Michael x

Implementer of the ‘No Lift, No Gift’ rule to the Naess family.

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