The Happy Monday Mindset #38

Ohhhhh my gooooooodness.

It’s here.

The last Happy Monday for 2K19.


I hope you have all had a killer break from the work grind, I know I certainly have.

I hope you all indulged to your hearts content, I know I certainly have.

I hope if you’ve gained a little bit of Christmas pudge, you’re ok with it. I know I certainly have & am. It can be undone, get into a calorie deficit, do the work.

(about 2.5kg so far hehe)

I hope you’ve all continued training & are ready to make 2020 your bitch, I know I certainly am

The reason why I hope you have, is because if you choose to indulge over the festive season, this is a recurring yearly event. To be able to make this work long term, you need to be able to build it into your lifestyle & account for it throughout the year.

I’ve gained a bit of pudge – so. Fucking. what.

I knew this was coming, so I restricted my diet somewhat before the festive season & I’ll be monitoring my diet over the next few weeks to account for it all.

I’ve put my body composition goals on pause for a few weeks to fully enjoy myself, that’s the price I paid, and it’s one I think is worth it.

Because now, I feel rested, recovered & more ready than ever to bring a metric fucktonne of energy into 2020 BABY

(disclaimer: metric fucktonne is not a real measurement, there are no measurements that can describe the amount of energy I’m bringing in – Yeet)

So, how are you looking for 2020??

Have you set your goals yet?

New year’s resolutions?

Thought about what you’re bringing into 2020, and more importantly, what you’re letting go of?

If you haven’t, that’s ok.

But you should

(and you know it, don’t be lazy)

Don’t get caught with your pants down on NYE with no plans, no goals, no direction for 2020.

Don’t be that guy/gal.

Be better than that & get your shit together.

If you have set your goals, I would love to see them if you want to share. Feel free to email me anytime at – this is my jam.

Here is another little gift for you to help you out with setting out your weeks in 2020:

(fuck I’m nice)

I have only recently really gotten into the whole ‘new year’s resolutions’ thing to be honest

I used to take a hard stance against them actually

The ‘New Year, New Me’ phenomenon really fucked me off

I couldn’t see it as a chance for a fresh start, a new page so to speak.

All I could see was people using it as a reason to not start changing their behaviours NOW – ‘I’ll wait until the new year to start working out’

(WHY MOTHERFUCKER – S.L. Jackson voice)

You see it every year, the gym gets flooded with muppets for the first 6 weeks

‘OMG 2020 is my year to get #fit #toned #shredded #swole’

But then, they start to find out that this shit takes time, patience & consistency. And they start to drop off like a Jetstar Baggage Handlers

(fucking rough, without care)

So, I’ve come to realise that much like setting your weeks out with intention, it can be equally as powerful to set out the coming year with ruthless intention.

Set your intentions for the year.

Plan out what you will achieve in the next year.

Planning the energy you’re bringing into the next year.

Developing a plan for your continued growth, development & success.

This shit doesn’t just ‘happen’, no one has the fucking time to wait for everything to come to you.

Fuck that noise 🤣

This is a nice checkpoint for you to take control & decide what you’re bringing in for 2020 – and what you’re letting go of.

For example, instead of writing down any goals that are to do with increasing happiness

(very subjective, extremely hard to measure)

I’m just going to focus on letting go of envy & increasing my vicarious joy.

Side note: Vicarious joy is basically being happy for others wins. This sounds easy when it’s your friends & family – but for this to work it needs to be everyone, even people you don’t know and even harder, those you actively despise.


The best way to ensure you have a near on unlimited about of happiness in your life is to be genuinely happy for other people & feed of their happiness. It worked for me in 2019, only going to amplify it in 2020.

This is a good chance for you to take control of your goddamn life this shit is fucking important write down your bloody goals and the steps it’s going to take to get that shit done.

(Sorry, had to get that out)

No, seriously, get your shit together for 2020.

I just finished reading ‘Lost Connections’ by Johann Hari (great book if anyone wants a read around mental wellness)

& a huge takeaway for me is the importance of feeling in control of your life in regards to mental health.

Hari stresses that Anxiety & Depression are not some kind of biological break, like they have been treated as for so many years, but are more of a rational reaction to a shit circumstances or lack of control.

So please, let’s not dance around it. It’s too important to not discuss.

Taking control of the coming year isn’t just for your financial health, physical health, career health, social health (& whatever other health you want)

But it’s for your mental health, too.

This is something to be excited about!

This meaning, even if you feel like your mental health is good/great/fantastic – you could be better.

How fucking good.

First step, build out your goals & put a timeline on them.

(I separated my goals into the following categories:

  • Client load
  • Marketing
  • Financial & Savings
  • Self-development, Gym & continued education
  • Lifestyle
  • Redistribution & Outsourcing

And divvied them up on a month to month basis. This is very specific to me, my business & goals, but you get the idea)

Then, find the resources to help you reach them.

For the majority of you, I can be a resource to help in one of the following ways:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Sport Specific conditioning
  • Self-Development
  • Exercise Programming for specific goals
  • Nutritional Programming for specific goals
  • Accountability for your goals & actions
  • Pushing you to be better

And the good news is, 2020 is literally the easiest it’s ever been to become a part of the Look Good Naked Co. family.

Take control of your 2020 & sign up for my coaching.

For $100 a month you will receive:

  • Bespoke Exercise programming
  • Bespoke Nutritional programming
  • Exercise tutorial video library
  • Access to the Look Good Naked Co. training tracking app
  • One on one coaching from your truly
  • Recipe packs, nutritional information guides & mindset resources

Honestly, I promise to give you so much more in value for the small investment I’m asking of you.

I am invested in your developement – it’s what I do.

Let’s make 2020 you best year yet.

Sign on here:

Michael x

New Year, Same Me – but better.

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