The Happy Monday Mindset #4

Happy Monday to you all!

Start of a new week – hellllll yeah. 
Start of a new week, meaning more PT/Training? HELL YEAH. 

5 days until the next day off (for most of you). So, what are you planning on doing with this time?? You can go about it without intention and achieve little – or you can knuckle down, set some goals and go about your week with some intention. Use your time wisely, every month/week/day.  

I have had a lot of people contacting me about their Easter ‘binge’. 

‘I’ve gained weight over easter’ – said everyone ever 
‘I stuck to my calories over easter and got so shredded’ – said literally no one ever. 

I’ve been getting:
‘Michael, every muppet I know is buying me Easter chocolate – what should I do??’
‘Michael, how do I not eat chocolate over easter?’ 
‘Michael, I’ve gone over my calories over easter WAH.’

Here is my solution – enjoy it. 
Like all holidays, easter will end. When it ends, it’s back to business as usual. Don’t feel bad about eating chocolate over Easter – don’t be a dick to yourself. Once the holidays are over (they are BTW), get back into your structured diet plan and get back on the horse. 

If you don’t have a structured diet plan, then bloody message me and get one! 

Counting your calories is not restrictive to your life – it is liberating. 
I ate a HUGE creamy pasta dish last night, topped it off with some ice cream and a filled doughnut. I was still within my calories for the day. I feel 0.000000 guilt for having that meal. You want to know why? 

Because I count my damn calories. I know I didn’t go over my caloric intake for the day. I am in control of what I eat and weight I gain or lose. 

And so are you (ya bloody champion). 

If you have questions about counting calories, energy balance, being in a calorie deficit – or anything nutrition (fat loss, weight gain, performance), please ask! I am here as a resource for you to assist your fitness journey. If its to lose 300kg or gain muscles that could crush watermelons – lets chat. I am here for YOU. 

Don’t be a dick to yourself. Eat chocolate over easter. Allow yourself to enjoy life at every holiday. Get back into your diet afterwards – back to business. Life is to be enjoyed, make it work. 


Anti-selfdick Behaviour Moderator. 

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