The Happy Monday Mindset #41

Another week, Another Monday, Another Yeet.

Happy Monday 🙂

This week I don’t want to rant, you guys have heard enough of that from me over the past year.

But I do want to speak from the heart to you all.

(can’t be a rant if it’s from the heart ;))

The continual pursuit of self-development, in my humble opinion, is one of the only worthwhile endeavours in this crazy world we live in.

Whether it be physical, educational, spiritual, behaviour change, emotionally – learning ways that you can improve yourself, to be better, is fucking rad.

(Yes, I’m bringing back Rad)

It’s one of the only endeavours that will shape not only the rest of your life for the better, but for the people around you too.

  • Take better care for your health & you’ll be happier internally and externally.
  • Start to really question your own thought patterns & discover that you are not your emotions will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, your strength & your flaws.
  • Continuing to learn & educate yourself makes you a more well-rounded member of society who will be better equipped to deal with day to day challenges.
  • Seek meaning & responsibility in your work and you will feel of greater value to society.
  • Doing your best to be an honest, wonderfully unique and positive person will attract all types of goodness into your life.

I think this just comes down to being someone who wants more from their life than the standard crock of shit that most people are subjecting themselves too.

  • You can’t take any of that money you’re stockpiling to the grave.
  • Staying with your partner because ‘We’ve been together for so long’ will not lead to a happy marriage/life.
  • Negativity will receive negativity.
  • Having a job because it pays the bills is a shit way to spend so much of your time – that’s not a good investment on your behalf.

However, amazing this all sounds, it is not a particularly easy thing to do to be all this & more.

Well, that’s not quite true.

It’s not easy to be it all, right away, right now.

But what I am trying to remind you today is,

“Every avalanche begins with the movement of a single snowflake” – Thomas Frey.

All you have to do that start yourself on the journey of self-development, in whatever pursuit you have, is move a snowflake.

You may not be able to control of fucking avalanche, just yet, but I know you can move a snowflake.

I believe in your ability to start.

(Best PT ever or what)

And really, that’s all you need to do today.

Small actions, repeated again and again, have a compound effect over time.

Majority of people embarking on any sort of journey of change will fail.

I see it too often, and it literally hurts my heart – people not starting the journey because it seems out of their capabilities.

This isn’t because they suck balls at whatever the change is, it’s because learning to implement the change has nothing to do with the change itself.

What the fuck does that even mean, Michael?

Strap in and I’ll bloody tell ya mate.

Let’s take exercise for example,

(Shocker, Michael uses exercise as an example)

Most people will fail at ‘becoming fitter’ because learning how to exercise, at first, has absolutely nothing to do with exercise itself.

The first step is realising you can do it.

The second step: create space for it by displacing something else (TV, wasting time at work, going to the pub). Potential fitness people need to “uncrunch” their lives just enough to free up time to work out.

The Third Step: make it consistent & follow the plan.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

The success of implementing the changes you want in your life has fucking nothing to do with the change itself, it’s a separate process you will need to learn.


Really, today, on this fine Monday – I just want you to know that you can be better.

We all can be.

It’s what I focus most of my time and energy on.

(Side note: This is why I am excited to turn 30. Focus on being better, and you have a lot to look forward to).

I can guarantee you that this time next year I’ll be a better coach. A better partner. A better email writer. A better fitness enthusiast. A better handstand-er. A better bloke. A better thinker.

(Better in the bedroom, because who doesn’t want that, amiright)

It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach, in fact, all or nothing is often the shittest way to go.

If you want to dial in your nutrition, just start counting your calories one day a week. Just one fucking day. You can do that.

Count one day for a few weeks, then bump it up to two days. Two becomes three, four & so on.

If your goal is to read more, just start by consistently reading one page a day.

The key isn’t to hit it hard right now and burn out harder than an 18-year-old muppet in a shitty import.

The goal is to build a habit that can serve you for the rest of your life.

“Becoming better in your own life is a duty of care that you have to yourself & those around you” – Me, now.

(Yes, quoting myself).

So many people don’t think this way, because it means putting the ego aside.


It starts with you, the choices you make – today.


So I’ll leave you with one easy choice today to step you in the direction of self-development.

Join my online coaching family.

$25 a week.

Exercise Programming.

Nutritional Programming.

Exercise tutorials.

1 on 1 coaching.

Resource library.

Reading list.


Banger deal.

Join, and I’ll speak to you soon?


Perpetually getting better and lots of shit.

P.S. This last week I said good-bye to one of my clients, Cameron, due to location change for work. Cam and I have worked together for just over 9 months. In that time, his development has been nothing short of incredible. Not only did he manage to lose 34kg (what whaaaaat), but he has come a bloody long way in his perception of the world. If you’re reading this Cam, you’re a bloody legend, we’re always a team & keep up the self-development – looking forward to seeing what you achieve in 2020!

“No matter what the level of your ability, you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime”

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