The Happy Monday Mindset #45

Another Monday, another Happy Monday, welcome to yet another week.

And what a week it was – and what a week that is yet to come!

I feel like I share more through these emails than I do my close friends.

Weirdly, it feels more. Natural.

I felt myself approaching burnout this last week – right on the cusp of severe mental fatigue.

I don’t share this for any sort of pity party – but mental health is far too important to not talk about.

My life has been moving at a million miles an hour these last few weeks.

My monthly goals have me:

  • Developing me in-person Personal Training & Sports Nutrition business.
  • Developing an online coaching platform
  • Creating & filming exercise tutorials for EVERY exercise I fkn know (thats a fucking lot of exercises)
  • Pulling my finger out on content creation across social media platforms.
  • Reading. A lot. I’m about to finish my fifth book this year, with two more on the way to me as we speak.
  • Studying new courses (currently doing one on CBT, next one is Strength & Conditioning)
  • Gymming 5 x a week.

I’m currently achieving all the goals I have set out.

I am helping more people than ever before.

I have the closest relationships with my clients now than I ever have

(This is a major success indicacy for me, personally)

My clients are getting the best results I have ever been a part of.

I have the most value & love for my work than I ever have.

I’m currently making more money than I have ever made.

Objectively, things seem to be going along pretty damn well, right??

If you had of asked me when I was stressed out of my mind, tearing up in my car at Fitness First on Thursday morning, I would have told you I was drowning and not getting fucking anywhere.

I would have told you, ‘I feel like I have been sprinting flat out, but not not even moving’

(Like those absolute sociopaths in spin class – WHO VOLUNTARILY TURN UP THE BRAKES ON THEIR OWN BIKES, I digress, this topic deserves its’ own separate email)

And what’s worse, I know why this all came to be.

Too much of one perspective, and not enough of another.

(Too much looking forward, not enough appreciating where I am now)

We get so caught up in what we’re doing & where we want to go that we forget that where we are now is once where you wished to be.”  -Can’t fkn remember, some book somewhere maybe??

Two years ago I was working as a Development Manager for a property developer in Brisbane, thinking I was doing the ‘right thing’.

I had very little enjoyment for my job and my weekends consisted of alcohol benders so I didn’t have to think about the incoming Monday. 

A year ago today I was working 7 days a week to make a living, wishing I could have enough clients to just be a PT full time.

Now, I’m doing what I love every day.

I have a bursting roster of clients.

I am getting more online clients by the day. ( wink wink)

My business is developing faster than ever before.

Sometimes, a different perspective from the one you’re looking at YOUR world is what you really need – along with some quality self care.

Also, note the use of ‘Your world’ there. This is important to realise too, we’re all just living in a world that we have created for ourselves without much consideration that everyone else is doing the same shit.

Everyone is going through the same shit.

Everyone gets stressed.

Everyone goes through periods of doing really well.

Everyone experiences highs.

Everyone experiences pain.

“Your pain is temporary, unless you make that not so. Recovery is not grand, it’s just one step in front of the other.” – Ryan Holiday, ‘Ego is the Enemy’

All states of being are temporary, unless you make it so.

If you’re miserable due to your previous choices or life circumstances, the lack of happiness you’re experiencing is temporary, unless you make a further decision that makes that not so.

If you’re riding a high, life is going really well – it’s just temporary. Unless you make conscious choices that extend that out.

Whatever state you’re in right now, I want you to know that like everything, including life itself, this too will pass.

The only difference that we can really make to this passing is how soon it comes, and whether we will make it through the state of being with our integrity & dignity in tact.

Having this perspective, knowing that all will come to pass & that there is a light to work towards was somewhat comforting.

It didn’t take the stress I was experiencing off of me at that moment, but it did allow me to sit in it with more comfort, rather than turning away from it.

This perspective allowed me to pull through the rest of my week with my integrity intact.

I didn’t cancel any of my clients, I didn’t allow the overwhelm I was experiencing dictate my behaviour to be something I wouldn’t be proud of.

We all go through states of shittyness, that’s part of being a human.

(Fuck me, that’s a book title or what?! I dib it. None of you had better take it. ‘States of shitty-naess’ ha ha ha ha fucking stops me)

If you’re currently not in one of these states, fuck yeah – look at you go! Get it boy/girl – I’m genuinely very happy for you & proud of you.

Smile as much as you can and make good decisions now to help you extend this period of time for as long as possible. Don’t let your ego take control, keep yourself grounded.

I got recommended a book recently by someone I respect a lot, ‘Unfuck your adulting’ by a Dr. Faith Harper – and I truly do believe that it should be a prerequisite read to turning 18.

Like, you actually can’t turn 18 without having read it.

(Oh, you haven’t read Unfuck? Sorry, can’t serve you that beer. Go home.)

Key take away so far ties into today’s email very, very well.

“Failures are events, not people” – Dr. Faith Harper

“Don’t be a dick & be a tiny bit nicer than you need to be” – Dr. Faith Harper

We tend to personalise failures or our current state of being as if it defines who we are, when really – it’s more of an emotional location we’re passing through, like driving through a shitty town.

How long you stay in that town is totally on you through previous, present & future decisions.

Did you put enough fuel in the tank so you can keep driving through? (Self care, sleep, nourishment)

Have you maintained the vehicle so it avoids breaking down in said shitty town? (diet, exercise, mental space)

Have you mapped out where you are going past the shitty town? (Having a plan that fills you with meaning & responsibility)

If you find that you are staying too long in shitty emotional locations, it may be time to do some vehicle maintenance, or reconsider the road trip you’re on.

This particular road trip you only do once, we should all aim to minimise our time in shitty locations.

And also, just be nice to people, or at least, don’t be a dick. Your baggage is YOURS, don’t be attaching your shitty suitcase of emotional weight to other people’s luggage rack.

Silver lining from this last week: I found yet another reason why you should come on board the LookGoodNakedCo. Online coaching platform just this week.

One of my worst fears is using a public toilet, sitting on the seat only to feel myself sitting on someone else’s urine.

Not sure if the ladies have as bad a aim as men do, but fuck me some blokes just let it go with their eyes closed im pretty sure.

As I’m in the motion of sitting on the toilet (about 86.9% of the way down) I see a puddle of pee that I’m just about to press my pale buttocks onto.


If that isn’t a reason to build lower body strength, I don’t know what is.

Cmon, I’ll help you avoid ever accidently sitting in someone else’s pee – unless you want to. (You do you, boo.)

Go here to start today.

Lots of love & good vibes,

Michael x

Current emotional state: Fuck yeah, it’s Monday.

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