The Happy Monday Mindset #46

Happy Mondaaaayyyyyyy!

I have realised today that last week’s email didn’t send 😭😭😭

That seriously bums me out.

I usual check metrics of the emails throughout the week

Seeing how many opens, forwards, clicks and whatnot

But, being on ‘holidays’, I thought – fuck it.

Throw caution to the wind.

Live life on the edge a little.

Seize the day and shit.

Just leave it be this time.


Murphy’s Law.

‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’

Mickos law

‘Anything that can fuck up, will fuck up.. If you let it.’

You can do things to preimptivley stop your own fuck up.

Keep realising you forgot your gym bag when you get to work?

Put it in the car/by the front door the night before.

Keep ‘running out of time’ to do meal Prep on the weekends?

Do it first up Saturday morning.

Keep ruining your diet with weekend splurges?

Adapt your diet to be lower calorie mon – fro, allowing more calories for the weekend.

So – if you do still manage to fuck it up, you have allowed it to happen.

And even if you do fuck up,

It’s less than ideal but.

Who gives a fuck?

(just becoming aware about how much swearing is in this email. Murica has done things to me – fuck it we’re here, sorry mum)

It happens.

Stop Get back on the horse asap and get back into it.

So here I am, getting back on le horse, sending you emails.

And now, I have a fucking banging email for you next week 🤣

Anyway, I’m still on holidays – currently spending some time in Brooklyn.

Exploring today.

Nets game tonight.

Museums tomorrow.

Broadway (book of Morman) tomorrow.

Eating everything I can in between.

(I’m personal clients, expect a bit a timber on me when I come back 🤣)

So listen, my sincere apologies for leaving you all for two whole weeks without a happy Monday.

I’ll make it extra happy Monday for you all next week.

In the meantime, join my company.

I’ll give something to be accountable for.

I’ll give you the tools you need to build the exact amount of consistency you need.

I’ll give you the programs to follow, the instruction to execute.

I expect the perfect amount from you.

Not too little, not too much.

Just the right amount.

Get into it here.

Lots of love

(sincerely, lots of love. I missed you guys.)


Back on the horse & better than ever.

P.S. Didn’t even proof read this BC I’M ON HOLIDAYS SUCK IT.

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