The Happy Monday Mindset #47


The happiest of Mondays to you all – I’m back!

My mini holiday gallivanting around the US has come to a close, and I am back at it in sunny Brisbane.

I’m not technically back to work until tomorrow, but like most of you, I always have shit to do.

Starting with getting back into my gym, eating, sleeping & work routine.

Man, I am pumped to get back to work.

To see my wonderful, beautiful, in person clients & to reconnect with the online guys who are smashing it.

I fucking love being a Personal Trainer.

When I was working in the corporate world, punching numbers & kissing whoever’s ass needed to be kissed (you’ve all done it, shut up), I seriously believed that loving your work came down to luck of the draw.

If I’m honest, I went from believing it was luck, to believing it was a flat out lie. 

‘Oh great, here comes fuckface telling me how great accounting is again – the lying muppet’

If this were true – stop the world, I’m getting off here.

Spoilers; it isn’t luck, and you can love your work.

I had this type of conversation more times that I would have liked whist in the states.

The work culture is different there than in Aus.

Longer hours, more work expected, shitter conditions, less holidays & one more thing that is critical to a higher level of happiness.


Boredom is a fucking disease that is harming millions of souls on the daily.

If you can describe your work life as ‘boredom with a payslip’ – you need to get your shit together and find other options.

“The opposite of happiness is not sadness; the opposite of happiness is boredom” – Tim Ferris

I know that you think it’s ok to be bored at work.

That as long as you’re filling your hours & getting paid – it’s not all that bad.

I mean, that’s what weekends are for, right?


Being bored at work is more than just ‘punching numbers’ or ‘clocking in/clocking out’

When people are bored at work, they are more likely to snack. Not because they are hungry, because they are bored.

Mindless snacking = extra calories.

Extra calories in = higher likelihood of being in a calorie surplus

Calorie surplus = weight gain

But again, watching the seconds go by at work is not only threatening to your waistband, but also to your self-awareness & overall happiness.

If you constantly are bored, and don’t do anything to change that, you’re telling yourself that your time isn’t worth. well, anything.

Not to yourself, anyway.

(I’m sure your employer could put a $ figure on it – but fuck those guys).

Otherwise, you’d be doing something that actually makes you want to be at your desk – not spending 20minutes on the bog reading this email.

“How you spend your time is how you spend your life” – Not a fkn clue who said that

Spending your time wishing you were doing literally anything else is one of the shittest strategies I’ve ever encountered

But so many of us get caught in it!

I certainly did, and now I’m not.

Nothing drastic had to happen.

I knew I wasn’t happy, I thought of something that might make me happier, I spent my time pursuing that rather than the thing that wasn’t making me happier.

Risky, yeah – change always is.

WHats riskier (in my humble opinion) is gambling your future happiness on something that you know if not making you happy, now.

Whether you make the life changes you know you should now or later, the cost is the same.

Like buying a laptop.

(I am in the process of buying a new laptop – I wish I had of done this 6 month ago)

Buy one now, by one later – the cost is the same, but the sooner you buy it, the more time you have being potentially more productive.

Change jobs now or later, the shitty process will take the same amount of time & energy

But the sooner you do it, the more time you have being in a potentially happier place.

The change needs to come from within you.

You can identify as someone who values their time more than being bored shitless each and every day.

You can identify as someone who values their health & fitness more than fucking married at first sight

(the worst show to disgrace television since love island)

You can identify as someone who is open to new opportunities rather than someone who is locked into their current situation.

When you wake up tomorrow, you can decide who you identify as.

And that’s a fucking cool thing really.

Sometimes, the change you are identifying as will be out of your skill set and will require professional help.


It will reduce you wasting more time reading shitty blogs/media articles.

It will reduce the time it takes you to have an efficient system that works.

It will maximise your change right from the start, rather than ‘as you go’.

You just need to say three magical, shame-free words to yourself and get on with it.

“I. Need. Help.”

We all do.

I have mentors. I have tasks that I outsource. I have lots of shit I don’t know how to do.

By hiring a professional to do it, I spend more time doing what I actually like.

Helping other people realise how fucking cool they really can be.

And I can do the same with you.

Whether you hire me now, or you hire me in 4, 8, 12 weeks


Sidebar: I’ve worked really fkn hard to make it as low a cost as possible for the service offered. Trust me with $25 of your precious $$ a week, and I will give you far more than that in value – guaranteed. Fair deal? Fair deal.

It works like compound interest, but in reverse.

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be more efficient at getting better. Leaning more, sooner = more gains over the long term.

Working with me means you can start working on:

  • Having a better relationship with yourself
  • Better sleep (that alone is worth it jesus)
  • Better fitness
  • Better sex
  • Less boredom
  • Less anxiety around eating out
  • Muscle gain & tone
  • Less jiggle when you wiggle (or more, depending on your goals)

Your new identity begins when you wake up tomorrow.

Who will you decide to be?


Identifying as Batman.

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