The Happy Monday Mindset #48

Perfectly imperfectionist.

Happy Monday!

Again, if you are looking to be more productive in your weeks, feel free to use this guy here to help plan your week & hold yourself accountable.

Made the biggest purchase I have in well over 3 years this week.

A new laptop.

I was shitting my pants.

What if I got it wrong? What if I got something, and then something better comes out next week? What if I buy it, and I hate it?

I knew I should be excited for this

(seeing as my old one was 5+ years old and I shit you not weights fkn 4.5kg)

But seriously, fuck laptop shopping.

So many choices between what you need, what you want & what you want to pay.

($0. I wanted to pay $0)

I just really didn’t want to spend that much money.

As soon as I started using the damn thing, I did the classic  ‘THIS IS THE BEST, I should have done this 6 months ago’
(of course)

It’s always a deliberation of keeping money vs. upgrading your life.

Eventually I just came to bite the bullet, I wanted to upgrade my life more than I wanted to hold on to the money I had so preciously saved.

Buy it now, buy it in 6 months’ time – the upgrade will cost me the same.

Buying it now means I get more time of increased efficiency.

I spent 3 hours in JB Hifi on the day

Comparing every detail of laptops in that price range, with similar specs.

The poor bloke was ready to neck himself from just the sight of me walking over to him with another question, I swear.

‘Fucking buy something your tedious dickhead’ was thinly veiled by ‘Ha ha ha no worries mate, thats what I’m here for, ask away’

I was obviously looking to get the most for my $$$, and I wasn’t ready to settle for anything less.

That makes sense, right?

I was looking for laptop perfection.


Spoilers: There isn’t a perfect laptop.

There are only some laptops that suit your needs better than others.

They crazy thing is, this new laptop makes me just a happy as the bomb ass bumbag I bought a few months back

(Bumbag is a fanny pack for the non-Australians)

Sidebar: When are y’all getting on the bumbag train? They are the perfect accessory for any occasion, IDGAF if people don’t think they are ‘hip’.

Cafe work date: Keys, Wallet, Phone, headphones, pen, lip balm & snacks.

Festival: all the essentials: ticket, sunscreen for my white ass, lip balm, hat, sunnies, eye drops & snacks.

Gym: chalk, resistance bands, wrist straps, trigger ball & snacks.

First Date: Wallet, keys, condoms that probably won’t be used due to wearing a bumbag.

Job Interview: Clearly establish that you are very comfortable being yourself, extra copies of resume ready to go, handy pouch to store all your extra confidence & snacks.

Radical difference in price, honestly similar amount of satisfaction.

It got me thinking about the real worth/value of the items we buy.

We (as a society) tend to draw a linear line of projection to for value & amount paid.

Which is wrong.

An object is only worth how much YOU value it.

Financial wealth does not equate to real wealth or mental wealth.

Real wealth is not about money. Real/mental wealth is:

  • Not having to go to meetings
  • Not having to spend your time with fuck heads
  • Not being locked into status games
  • Not feeling like you have to say ‘yes’
  • Not worrying about other people claiming your time and energy.

The value I place in not having to worry about saying ‘yes’, spending time with dicks, playing into the rat race & sucking up is worth more to me than money.


Therefore, I have a higher mentally wealth due to the perceived value it holds to me.

I know some people who pay far too much money for personal training, but won’t ever get the full value out of it.

I know some people who can barely cover their one per week session & gain immense value from their sessions increasing their self development, personal progression & higher levels of overall happiness.

Cost ≠ value.

How much you enjoy/take advantage of a product or service you are receiving = value

I really rate my bumbag. Like, it’s the best. If you want one (highly recommended. You are 89% more likely to be a good chat if you have one) click here. (Not an ad, just a great product)

Value doesn’t just come from products, however.

You can increase value by the mentality you choose to have whilst using it.

If you come into a product with the idea of “it’s not so bad” – it probably won’t be everything you want from it.

Because you’ve just told yourself that.

But if you come into using a product/service with the mentality of “I can make this great” – who knows what new levels you can reach!

You open yourself up to being able to make something of the service you use, instead of just paying for it.

You open yourself up to finding more value in a product/service.

This is the difference I see in those who are happy with their training progress, and those who are not.

Regardless of the progress, some will be happy – and some won’t.

Some will be ecstatic with 1kg of weight loss, how they look & feel (pride)

And others won’t be happy with 10kg of weight loss, no matter how good they look.

Perfection is over-rated.

So after 2 hours of mind numbing deliberation & stress (and annoying calling all my friends who know how the magic that is technology works) I did what I could have done in the first 5 minutes of being in the store.

And picked up the one the fella in the store recommended. 

Compared to me, this bloke is fkn Bill Gates, a bloody computer wizard.

Now, I (fitness & sports nutrition professional), am recommending you a few things.

  1. Start thinking, “I can make this fkn great” rather than “It’s not so bad” to gain more value from what you pay for.
  2. Join my online coaching. The cost of it is $25/week. The value of it is what you make of it, but I promise you that if you do the bare minimum of what’s on offer – you will still get more than $25/week in value.

To remind you;

  1. Exercising programming & tracking
  2. Sports Nutrition diets
  3. Meal plans & Recipe packs
  4. Access to me for questions & support
  5. Access to the LookGoodNakedCo. App for all training tracking, plans, nutritional support & more.

I couldn’t make it more valuable for the amount I’m charging.

Get on board today here.


Typing an average of 6.87 additional words a minute.

I encourage all people to go through stages of ‘resetting’. It may be painful to start, change often has a rough adjustment stage. But after. After you get to decide what values you are going to prioritise.

Reassessing your life, identify the things that are making you happy (and are bringing stress into it) and then making changes in the pursuit of having a better life – that’s the cool shit that comes from major change.

You can and will manage it but getting you shit to

Tuck your shirt in

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