The Happy Monday Mindset #49 (II)

Keep swinging slugger.

The happiest of Mondays to you all!

It’s all a bit hectic right now, innit??

I mean, travel to and from countries around the world is shut down.

Cities are being shut down.

Buildings are being evacuated.

Self-quarantine is an actual thing rn.

To be fair though, self-quarantine seems to be the stay at home holiday that everyone secretly wants their actual holidays to be.

No reason to get out of your Pajamas until dinner (even then), catch up on that Netflix life & have the perfect excuse to interact with as few people as possible – that’s the dream.

You know it, I know it.

Who really wants to see the leaning tower or walk the great wall??

But the real problem I see coming up is the potential for gyms to close 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

That’s why I’m the best & have created an at home workout program that you can try FOR FREE for a week here:

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It’s a week to try my app, see what it’s all about and you get the benefit of giving yourself a reason to not feel like a total lazy asshole.

Like, you didn’t do anything during your quarantine and by now are having troubles disconcerting yourself from the couch, but at least you got a workout in – you killer.

Again, here:


I watched an interview of Bill Gates this week,

The interviewer was on the topic of sustainability (ha ha ha fuck me I’m good) & asked the question (along these lines)

‘Essentially, in everything you do, you swing for the fences. So, when dealing in an area that is so complex & holds so much importance for the development of the human race as sustainability, what happens if you miss?’

Fucking fantastic question, in my opinion.

Bill responds with, ‘Well, hopefully we get another chance to swing.’

Live it, love it, Tweet it.

So, what happens if you swing for the fences and miss?

Well, I look at the swing as a three-part equation, each of which can impact the likelihood of you hitting a home run.

  1. Preparation.

Firstly, you have the Bat, being swung by the batter (you).

This is the only part of this equation that you can fully control, this is your preparation coming into this situation.

Every day you are batting – did you practice like the coach (me lol) advised you to?

Have you been putting in the work to deserve to hit a homer?


  1. Opportunity

Secondly, you have the pitcher & the ball being thrown. This is the opportunity.

You can’t do a whole lot about this #soznotsoz

 That ball is going to get pegged at you at 228 miles per hour (I don’t watch baseball, I don’t know speeds of ball, shit is boring)

A novice baseballer will swing at a lot of balls, trying to hit each one for a slam dunk.

The more experienced a batter becomes, the more they learn to pick their swings.

They let shit pitches go, but zone in on the straight shots.

  1. Trying again

Thirdly, you have the chance to swing again.

You can swing as many times as you fucking like in this game, mate. This is life.

The more swings you take, the higher the chance of you smashing it out the goddamn park.

The more experienced you are in the area, the higher the chance of sending that bad boi into motherfucking orbit.

Preparation, Opportunity, Reps.

No matter what it is in life that you currently feel like you’re not succeeding at; controlling addiction, relationships, low self-esteem, weight loss, getting a job, starting a business, gaining respect,

You can keep trying and, if you do, you heighten the chance of something working each time.

Just keep fucking swinging. Each swing you miss is one less swing until you connect.

(Rather than one more swing you missed, think of it as one less until you smash it)

From every missed swing comes an opportunity to swing again, a fresh chance to knock that shit out of the park – hit yourself a big fuck off home run.

Get a real hole in one

(baseball yah??)

You know what I’m saying though, right?

Every swing you take has the potential to connect. With every extra swing you take your chances of hitting increase.

And if you miss?

Dig your feet in, reset your helmet & refocus on the pitcher – it’s time to swing again.

I can tell you how many swings it will take you until you hit a screamer – that depends on how prepared you are walking up to the plate. 

You might smash it on the first, the 20th or it could take you 1000 swings.

The only thing I can 100% guarantee you is that if you stop swinging, give up or throw the bat away – you will never, fucking ever, even hit the ball.

‘Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity’

This quote, attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca, is one of my all-time faves.

I firmly believe that we create our own luck.

People out here thinking luck is just a thing that drops into some people’s lives

(I find that the people who hold this belief never seem to have any luck in their own lives – lol @ u)

Being prepared to take on the right opportunities is a skill you can cultivate over time, by cultivating a mindset that allows you to see opportunities for what they are.

“Perception precedes thought, thought precedes action. Perspective affects your actions.” – Ryan Holiday, Obstacle is the Way.

The only difference between being lucky and being unlucky is your perspective on the matter.

And today, you are very lucky.

Not only are you alive, breathing & have the chance to swing for the fences with ruthless intention,

You also get a chance to try out my training app & corona workouts for a week – completely free.

What more could you want, really.

Go here:

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Michael x

0/678 home runs, still swinging.

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