The Happy Monday Mindset #49 (I)

Bring me Coronas & Bog roll please

Happy Monday fam

This whole corona virus thing is starting to impact my life now, and it’s fucking me up.

What is everyone doing with the fucking toilet paper?!

Australia makes toilet paper FFS – WE AREN’T GOING TO RUN OUT

People are buying it as if it’s the cure for the disease.

Kleenex CEO started a rumour to make some sales, I’d put money on it #papergate #shitspiracy

I just don’t get it. Everyone is going into a friggen pandemic it seems.

Please, don’t misinterpret this message – I am not down playing the realness of the impact this virus is yet to have in any way.

The key word there being – realness.

The effects of this disease are being blown way out of proportion by the media & by the population.

If you look at the actual data, you can see this quite clearly.

The rate of the disease spreading is unprecedented, yes.

The mortality rate, however, is relatively low.

It is really important that the blame of this proportion blowing is shared between the media & the population.

I see most people still operating under the assumption that it’s the media outlets job to provide factual information to the public. Worse still, some people still operate under the assumption that it’s the outlets job to provide information that has been fact checked & gives the ‘whole picture’.

It’s not.

The media’s job is to report stories that will generate interest from the general public to raise revenue so they can turn a profit.

It’s not about providing you all the information so you may make a rational, informed decision.

It’s about getting as many views as possible, which always comes from negative stories & catastrophizing current events.

We, as the consumer, cannot expect the media to present us the full story either, that’s not their job.

It is our job to take the information they provide and apply a bullshit filter to it. To look at more than one data point & put it in context of the whole picture.

We, the consumer, have the power here. You can decide what to take on, and what to discard You can decide what news stories to give you time & energy too, and what to not take in.

Realise that every time you click on a news article you are paying the wages of the dingoes who wrote it.

You are empowering the media to churn out these shit pieces of ‘current news’.

One of the most powerful things I have ever done in increasing my personal happiness levels is giving up mainstream media outlets.

Not engaging with shit chat.

‘But Michael, how do you stay up to date with current events?!?!?!??!?!’

I have picked a select few media outlets that I respect & apply my bullshit filter to every single one of them.

This is personal responsibility for what information you allow to permeate your mind & influence your perception.

This responsibility is of the highest importance, in my opinion.

“Perception precedes thought, thought precedes action. Perspective affects your actions.” – Ryan Holiday, Obstacle is the Way.

The way you act is a combination of your perceptions, values & principles. If you allow unchecked information, such as a single data point,

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