The Happy Monday Mindset #50

You are not a lottery ticket.


We need people getting out there and spreading some good vibes on a Monday.

So shit, Happy Monday to you and you and you!

And you.

It’s time like these where we need to come together

Support ourselves, our friends, families – and strangers.

Show empathy and compassion to those around you.

You have no idea what is going on in people’s lives right now – so if you perceive someone as being particularly dickish to you for no apparent reason

I urge you to just let that shit go.

Gyms are closed as of 12pm today.


If you’re looking for at home workouts, go here to get a 7-day free trial of my app – workouts included!!

It’s going to be a trying time for all gym rats, HOWEVER, we can make this work

It’s a test of your dedication, willingness to adapt & a chance to prove to yourself how much of a straight up killer you are.

We can do this.

Something else I urge you to let go of, especially if you’re experiencing higher levels of anxiety than usual.

Mainstream media & the news networks.

You can get all the real information & updates you need from the government website.

If you really must, watch the news once a day.

It is really important that the blame of this proportion blowing is shared between the media & the population.

I see most people still operating under the assumption that it’s the media outlets job to provide factual information to the public.

Worse still, some people still operate under the assumption that it’s the outlets job to provide information that has been fact checked & gives the ‘whole picture’.

It’s not.

The media’s job is to report stories that will generate interest from the general public to raise revenue so they can turn a profit.

It’s not about providing you all the information so you may make a rational, informed decision.

It’s about getting as many views as possible, which always comes from negative stories & catastrophizing current events.

We, as the consumer, cannot expect the media to present us the full story either, that’s not their job.

It is our job to take the information they provide and apply a bullshit filter to it. To look at more than one data point & put it in context of the whole picture.

We, the consumer, have the power here. You can decide what to take on, and what to discard. You can decide what news stories to give you time & energy too, and what to not take in.

Realise that every time you click on a news article you are paying the wages of the dingus who wrote it.

You are empowering the media to churn out these shit pieces of ‘current news’.

One of the most powerful things I have ever done in increasing my personal happiness levels is giving up mainstream media outlets.

So, if you’re feeling a bit more anxious than usual, stop watching the news.

They may be telling you to not panic, but are the very ones shoving extremes down your throats.

You, the consumer, are just a responsible for applying your bullshit filter to the media as the media is for producing real journalism.

Rant fucking over.


We got a lot of shit going on right now.

It’s the perfect time to really make sure you’re living deliberately.

With real intention with what you’re doing.

I’m currently making my way through ‘Zero to One’ by Peter Theil, a book on the economics of entrepreneurship

(I can never fuckng spell that word, thank god, a.k.a Bill Gates, for autocorrect)

One of the titles is ‘You are not a lottery ticket’

It stirred my brain somewhat.

So many of us live our lives as if they are lottery tickets.

Like we are just one of many (which we are) lives drawn, predetermined to be winners or losers (which we are not).

Almost like we have just resigned ourselves to the life we have been born into & continues to walk through.

Like we have no choice over the outcome.

In a job that doesn’t allow us to fulfil our full potentials. 

In a body that we don’t respect.

In a relationship we don’t want anymore.

In a mind-set that brings us down more than it brings us up.

This reckless lack of personal responsibility makes our life like a lottery ticket.

Like, you’re living – but the chances of you succeeding is fucking slim to none.

Personal responsibility is the key to creating a better life for yourself, one that represents less of a lottery ticket, and more of a long term investment account.

Long term investments are fkn smart.

Compound interest isn’t just a financial term.

You can apply the principle of compound interest to your own personal growth.

By developing, learning more & educating yourself now you get to apply that information to more areas of your life over time,

Meaning the sooner, you engage with that development, the longer you get to apply it.

The longer you apply it, the more you gain from it & the better you get at it.


You are not a lottery ticket.

You are the goddamn jackpot, start treating yourself like one.

Make the shit you want to happen, happen. Tahts on you.

Make a plan, identify what you need to do, what you need to learn & who you need to become for it to happen.

Then, do one thing every day that propels you toward that goal.

Like compound interest, it’s not about how much you invest now, how big of a recurring investment you can add to it

It’s about how long you can keep it going for.

Make small changes that you can do & add to everyday.

In light of the current events (gyms closing) the small thing you can do that will have a huge impact to your life over time

Is joining my online coaching program.

At home workouts, park workouts, nutritional advice, live stream workouts.

I have it all Ladies & Gentlemen, for you.


Don’t like it after 7 days? Well then fk off m8 – it’s a free trial with no recurring subscription – no risk whatsoever.

WHat if you like it? (98.69% chance you will going off current subscriber rates)

Then we continue killing it for $25 a week.

That’s a bloody steal. 

If you know anyone who is looking for some help with maintaining their fitness routine, I would really appreciate it if you would consider passing along my offer.

This would help me out a lot and I will appreciate you endlessly.

Let’s go.

Michael x

Sending lots of acceptable socially distant hugs to all who need them rn

P.S. I am running around like a mad man this morning, didn’t proofread this so if you see any spelling mistakes SUCK IT I’M BUSY AF RN.

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