The Happy Monday Mindset #8

Happy Monday for the 8th time via email!

I feel like a 100% different person to who I was last week. As if I have shaded my old form and blossomed.

Truth be told, these last couple weeks have been pretty full on for me. I ended up getting myself into a self-destructive work/work/work balance (that was born out of a place of fear) leading me straight to burnout, frustration & anxiety.

I’m not scared to say, it got pretty fucking bad. I really did not feel myself, and worse, I couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it.

I have been extremely lucky in my life to have never suffered through any serious form of mental health issues (raised by a psychologist may have helped here – shout out to my Dad, Peter, real OG psych). These last couple weeks really tested that, to the point where I think I actually had an anxiety attack. I have nothing to measure this off, and I don’t know if there are defining characteristics that make an anxiety attack an anxiety attack – but holy shit this was fucking intense.

I feel the need to state that I’m not sharing this with you for any sort of gain. In fact, it goes against my judgement. Being a PT, I feel like I should be portraying to all my clients that I have all my shit together and it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Truth is, I don’t have it all figured out and I’m just doing the best I can to be the best version I can be #deep #woke

You see, I have big goals. Huge goals. Positively influence the lives of 1 million and 1 people big. And it’s fucking great – because now that I work for myself, I am the only one holding myself from achieving this. But it can also get overwhelming at times – which way do you focus your energy when you have so many things you want to do?! (Hint, don’t try to do it all. Definitely don’t try to do it all, this week)

However, being the only reason why you will/won’t achieve something can also induce a sense of stress (lol).




These last few weeks I’ve been stretching myself thin to say the least. Trying to achieve my goals like I need them by next week. Getting frustrated when results don’t come straight away. Self blame, self mistrust. Work more, work harder. Don’t see results. More self blame, lose trust in the process, lose trust in my own worth. This process lead me to become insecure in my abilities and, worse, questioning myself. This sucked.

Fuck, I had become so far from the person I usually am, and even further from the person I want to be!

Everything was stress. So negative about literally anything. I was waking up, opening my eyes and boom. Anxiety. Stress. Negativity. All about meaningless shit that I had constructed to be bigger than it was!

I did 3 things this last week that has made me feel like ‘I can’ again. They were:

Get back to the basics.

I got back in tune with doing what I love the most – watching people develop. I forgot about the numbers this last week. Didn’t look at how many bookings I had. Didn’t concern myself with how much money I would be making. I just tried my best to be as present in my sessions as possible and just enjoy the process. I hooked back in to my values and did what I do best.

Focused on my mental wealth.

Your mental wealth is a combination of the things in your life that give you VALUE. It’s not associated with financial gains. Someone earning 50k a year that has a shitload of time to spend with their family/friends might have a more mental wealth than the bloke earning 300k but working 80h a week.

Plotted out my next 12 months.

My goals were already set – but this is a road map to get me there. Goals are the destination – I bought the journey guide & a vehicle this week (shout out to Tara for the help & support around this).

Mental wealth is where it is motherfucking at. Getting an understanding of this shit has literally changed the game for me. Like, this is a ‘stupid star thing that makes you invincible in super mario bros’ kind of level up.

If you have literally 0 time to invest in yourself – renewing, refreshing & refueling, it doesn’t matter how much dosh you make, you’re poor as shit and you’ll feel poor as shit.

Investing time in yourself is the single best way of insuring you keep it together while moving forward.

Read a book, shut off your mind.

Go for a walk, leave your phone at home (the world doesn’t end!!)

Take a session off from the training program, and be active/workout how you like best (armsarmsarmsarms)

Catch up with friends, focus on reinvesting into relationships around you.

Mental wealth is giving yourself what you need, so you can be the most productive and optimized version of yourself.

By plotting out my goals onto a timeline, I injected TIME into my mental wealth bank. These are the same goals I had before. I even thought they would take the same amount of time to complete as I have plotted out for – but now I have a plan, and that plan gives me time to achieve things. Before this I was managing each goal on a ASAP basis #hellostress

That shit didn’t work. It leads to me breaking down and not being able to be my best self.

Think about your mental wealth right now. Are you happy with how you spend your time? Are there things you love doing, that make you feel better, that you don’t currently do?

If yes, then it is your obligation to yourself and the people around you to make the time to do whatever it is that will help you operate better. By taking the time to do every week you could be:

A better wife/husband

A better parent

A better work colleague

A nicer, more tolerant person

A more effective business owner (ahem, talking from experience here)

You may even find you like who you are more (more experience).

I don’t just add stretching at the park into my busy asf routine for myself. I know I’m better when I get this in. I do it for my partner, Sam, so I can be a better partner. I do it for my house mates so I’m not such a moody asshat all the time (cheers boys). I do it for my family, so they aren’t stressing about me being a moody asshat all the time (cheers family).

No one likes being stressed, but we all go through it at different stages. It is up to YOU to change your behaviors & priorities to fix this, no one else is going to do that for you. You may blame someone/something for stressing you tf out, but when it’s all said and done, it’s still your responsibility to fix it.

Take ownership of yourself and fucking take care. Legit – get that massage you’ve been wanting for so long. You know you’ll feel better and chances are, you will BE better.

Michael x

Park Stretching Frequenter

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